Red kites in Wales, videos

This 3 April 2019 video from Britain says about itself:

Red Kites: Birds Flying in Slow Motion, filmed at Gigrin Farm in Wales UK

Video Produced by Paul Dinning

This 9 April 2019 video from Britain says about itself:

Red Kites Feeding at Gigrin Farm, Rhayader in Wales – Filmed in Slow Motion

Video Produced by Paul Dinning – Wildlife in Cornwall

Donald Trump’s Islamophobia, video

This 14 April 2018 video from Democratic party Congresswoman and presidential candidate Tulsi Gabbard in the USA says about itself:

Trump foments religious bigotry for political gain

Trump is shamelessly trying to foment religious bigotry against Representative Ilhan Omar & all Muslims based upon the horrendous actions of a few individuals claiming to be Muslim. This is the very definition of religious bigotry & Trump is fomenting it for political gain. Dangerous & sad.

TWITTER USER COULD FACE JAIL FOR LYNCHING TWEET Joseph Cecil Vandevere of North Carolina is facing possible jail time over a threatening Twitter post. Prosecutors say that when he anonymously tweeted a graphic image of a lynching to a Muslim candidate for Virginia state Senate, he was actually using interstate communication to transmit a threat ― a felony. [HuffPost]

Saudi women still fighting for their rights

This 14 April 2019 video from the USA says about itself:

Fight Continues For Women’s Rights In Saudi Arabia

There are still women activists in jail for protesting for the right to drive in Saudi Arabia. John Iadarola and Manal al-Sharif break it down on The Damage Report. Follow The Damage Report on Facebook.

Kinkajou on video

This 14 April 2019 video says about itself:

On this episode of Breaking Trail: Legacy Series, we take a look back at the time that Coyote encountered and fed one ferociously adorable KINKAJOU! How adorable do you think he is on a scale of 1-10?! We’re thinking a 10!

Kinkajous live in Central and South America.