Big Brother spying on British workers

This 4 November 2013 video from the USA says about itself:

Do You Think Your Boss Is Spying On You?

Blue-collar workers have always been kept on a tight leash, but there is a new level of surveillance available to bosses these days. Thanks to mobile devices and inexpensive monitoring software, managers can now know where workers are, eavesdrop on their phone calls, tell if a truck driver is wearing his seat belt and intervene if he is tailgating.

“Twenty-five years ago this was pipe dream stuff”, said Paul Sangster, CEO of JouBeh Technologies, a Canadian company that develops tracking, or “telematics”, technology for businesses. “Now it is commonly accepted that you are being tracked.”

From daily News Line in Britain:

Wednesday, 10 April 2019

STOP SPYING ON WORKERS – demands GMB after Churchill ‘location tracking’

WORKERS are being spied on and their every movement tracked by the bosses of Churchill Security, prompting the GMB union to brand them a ‘Big Brother Security Firm’.

Churchill Security is based in Chorley and employs more than 160 people in the UK, including Cardiff Bay, Cheltenham, Watford, Milton Keynes, Bromley, Abingdon and London.

The company is forcing their workforce to download special software onto their phones which allows their every location to be tracked. GMB demanded: ‘Churchill must stop forcing totalitarian technology on security staff.’

The company has written to employees saying they are ‘expected’ to use the application which will ‘track locations’ and ‘update you of shift changes’. The letter adds: ‘It is the employee’s responsibility to ensure they have a working mobile phone at all times … disciplinary action may be taken due to an employee failing to comply with mobile phone policies.’

Roger Jenkins, GMB National Officer, said: ‘This is appalling behaviour from a company trying to play big brother to hard working security guards. Our members are performing a difficult, dangerous job with enormous responsibility. These are the people we rely on, the first on the scene after atrocities like Westminster Bridge or the Manchester Arena.

‘What they don’t need is employers making their job even harder, expecting them to download spy software onto their personal phones and tracking their every move. GMB calls on Churchill to do the decent thing and stop trying to force this totalitarian technology on security staff.’

See also here.

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