Belgian government apology for stealing African children

This 2015 video is called Human zoos, dunking booths, African dodger, Hit the trigger.

Among the images in this video is an African little girl in a human zoo in Belgium in 1958, fed bananas like a caged ape.

Translated from Dutch NOS TV today:

Belgium apologizes for abducting children from colonies

Belgian Prime Minister Michel will apologize tomorrow at a special ceremony for the way children from mixed relationships were treated in the middle of the last century. The children from Africa, called ‘métis‘ in Belgium, were systematically removed from their mothers and sent to Belgium to grow up in orphanages.

The Catholic Church, which played a major role in abducting the children, already apologized years ago.

In 2017.

The children were Rwandan or Congolese

or Burundian

, those countries were then colonies of Belgium. After they were taken away, they did not automatically acquire Belgian nationality and many have been stateless for years.

The apologies come after last year the parliament called on the government to help those involved to obtain Belgian nationality. The MPs also wanted the victims to get help in the search for their biological parents, especially the mothers.

Now, about 70 years later … when many of the children and nearly all of the parents are already dead …


The discussion about the colonial past is extremely sensitive in Belgium. The renewed Africa Museum was recently reopened, but not by King Philip, precisely because of that sensitivity.

That museum was once built to honour King Leopold II, who considered the resource-rich Congo as his personal colony. The museum has overhauled the old colonial decor and now gives more explanation about the past and the dark sides of the occupation. …

Some more explanation, but not enough yet, according to critics.

Critical report

Belgium also recently refused to apologize after a critical United Nations report, in which the abuses and atrocities committed during the colonial occupation of Congo were denounced.

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