Jurassic dinosaurs excavation in Wyoming, USA

This 26 March 2019 video about the USA says about itself:

The Natural History Museum [in London, England] has joined an international partnership, called Mission Jurassic, to excavate a new Jurassic site. The project is named after an area known as the ‘Jurassic Mile’ in Wyoming, which has many Jurassic dinosaur and fish fossils, trackways and fossilised plants.

NHM is working with The Children’s Museum of Indianapolis and the Naturalis Biodiversity Center in Leiden, Netherlands on the US dinosaur dig, the UK museum’s first major overseas dig since the 1980s.

Translated from Leidsch Dagblad daily in the Netherlands, 25 March 2019:

Naturalis Biodiversity Center in Leiden returns to Wyoming. Together with two other natural history museums, the Natural History Museum in London and the Children’s Museum in Indianapolis, Naturalis is going to dig up in the United States at least two long-necked dinosaurs. The Leiden museum previously found the well-known T. rex “Trix” in Montana and five Triceratops in Wyoming.

Countless bones, fossils and footprints of the largest dinosaurs that have ever lived come together on the Wyoming site. “We hope to learn a lot about biodiversity in the Jurassic at this place”, says paleontologist and team leader Anne Schulp. “This was the period of the well-known long-necked dinosaurs such as Brachiosaurus and Diplodocus. We go back some 150 million years in this excavation. That is far before the Tyrannosaurus rex that now shows off in the museum.”

… The location has been known for some time. The Children’s Museum started the first trial excavations two years ago. That has since produced the first bones of two long-necked dinosaurs.

Naturalis, which will reopen at the end of the summer, has a “dinosaur hall” in the new building dedicated to the Jurassic era (201-145 million years ago). The museum already has a skeleton of a long-necked dinosaur from that period in its collection for that hall. That is a Camarasaurus, but, says Schulp, “it is a small one at 17 meters.”

Trump’s border patrol jails 9-year-old American girl

This 25 March 2019 video from the USA says about itself:

Border Patrol Detains 9-Year-Old Girl For IDIOTIC Reason

Federal authorities detained a 9-year-old girl at the Mexico border without any rhyme or reason. Sam Seder and the Majority Report crew discuss this.

A Nogales Border Patrol agent called the people he apprehends “disgusting subhuman s— unworthy of being kindling for a fire” and asked the president to “PLEASE let us take the gloves off trump!,” federal prosecutors said in court documents. The statements were made in a text message sent by Agent Matthew Bowen, 39, who is accused of knocking down a Guatemalan man with his Border Patrol vehicle on Dec. 3, 2017, and then lying in a report about the incident, according to documents filed in U.S. District Court in Tucson: here.

INSIDE THE CELL WHERE A 16-YEAR-OLD DIED UNDER BORDER PATROL CARE Video obtained by ProPublica shows the Border Patrol held a sick teen in a concrete cell without proper medical attention and did not discover his body until his cellmate alerted guards. The video doesn’t match the Border Patrol’s account of his death. [HuffPost]

A robust wake of extremely messy vultures is getting the drop(pings) on a U.S. Customs and Border Protection radio tower in Texas. Excrement from the 300 birds is so overwhelming that it’s interfering with the communication system, reports Quartz.

BORDER AGENTS TURN AWAY 6-YEAR-OLD WITH HEART CONDITION U.S. border agents turned away a 6-year-old child with Down syndrome and a heart condition seeking to enter the U.S. for medical treatment and court proceedings, according to an immigration lawyer and doctor who accompanied her from Matamoros, Mexico, on Thursday. [HuffPost]

JUDGE SIDES WITH IMMIGRANTS OVER ‘INHUMANE’ CONDITIONS A U.S. judge in Arizona sided with migrants who have long complained about inhumane and unsanitary conditions in some U.S. Border Patrol facilities in the state. During a seven-day trial weeks ago, attorneys for migrants who sued in 2015 argued that the agency holds immigrants in extremely cold, overcrowded, unsanitary and inhumane conditions. [AP]

Trump speeches augment violence

This 25 March 2019 video from the USA says about itself:

STUDY: Trump Rallies Linked to Hate Crimes Spike

Hate crimes have risen 226% in counties where Trump speaks. John Iadarola and Brooke Thomas break it down on The Damage Report.

Trump backs court action to end health coverage for 25 million people: here.

Bahamas sharks, BBC video

This 26 March 2019 video says about itself:

Sharks in the Bahamas | Blue Planet Live | BBC Earth

Watch the new promo for Blue Planet Live! BBC One will air the program at 8 pm on Wednesday 27th March for the UK audience and BBC Earth will air at 3 pm for the Canada Audience.

Steve Backshall dives with tiger and hammerhead sharks in the Bahamas. Here shark fishing is illegal and the booming population helps the local economy by means of underwater tourism.

Peace movement against Belgian Saudi war profiteering

This 23 April 2018 Voice of America video says about itself:

Boy Clutches Father After Saudi Air Strikes Kill at Least 20 at Yemen Wedding

A video published on Monday (April 23) by Al-Masirah … showed a young boy on the ground clutching his father’s body in Hajjah after a Saudi Arabia led air strike killed at least 20 people at a wedding. The boy was seen lying on the ground in the dark crying and refusing to leave his father’s body, shouting “I swear I won’t leave him”, as people around him could be heard trying to help him.

An airstrike by the Saudi-led coalition hit a wedding party in northern Yemen, killing at least 20 people, health officials said Monday, as harrowing images emerged on social media of the deadly bombing, the third to hit Yemeni civilians since the weekend.

Saudi Arabia’s Crown Prince, Mohammed Bin Salman initiated a military intervention in Yemen in 2015.

Translated from the Belgian peace movement Vredesactie today:

Belgium complicit in war

On the morning of March 25, banners were lowered from the roof of CMI Defense in Seraing and from the Walloon Parliament in Namur. Activists thus point out to the arms corporation and the Walloon government their involvement in the conflict in Yemen, which is entering its fifth year.

Yemen, 60,000 dead. Stop arming Saudi Arabia, the banner says

That war is accompanied by large-scale human rights violations and has already claimed more than 60,000 victims, according to data from the Armed Conflict Location & Event Data Project. In the meantime, more and more evidence is emerging of the use of Belgian weapons by the warring parties in Yemen. Vredesactie and Agir pour la Paix today publish a file that maps the Belgian involvement in the conflict.

At the CMI headquarters in Seraing, campaigners unrolled a banner with the inscription ‘Yémen: 60,000 morts. Stop Saudi arming’. Red paint was poured out, symbolizing the blood of many civilian casualties, and facts about the war were posted. All activists were arrested.

CMI Defense, part of the CMI Group, sells turrets to Canadian General Dynamics, which mounts them on the light armored cars that it sells to Saudi Arabia. What was then called “the contract of the century” was signed in 2014 for an amount of € 3.2 billion. It was also announced in February that CMI wants to open a factory in Saudi Arabia. By producing in the country itself, CMI no longer needs to apply for export licenses.

In Namur, on the bridge near the Walloon Parliament and the Elysette, the seat of the Walloon Prime Minister, a large banner reminds the Walloon government of its responsibility.

By continuing to issue export licenses for the sale of Walloon weapons to Saudi Arabia, the Walloon government is complicit in this war, the 60,000 dead and what the United Nations calls the worst humanitarian crisis in the world“, says Bram Vranken from the roof of the Walloon arms corporation. ‘The Flemish government is guilty as well. Because 60 to 70% of the end use of Flemish arms exports is unknown, we cannot rule out the possibility that Flemish weapons will end up in Yemen. ”

To date, an estimated 85,000 children in Yemen have died of famine and cholera, a direct consequence of the war and the Saudi naval blockade.

Despite the seriousness of the situation on the ground and the repeated calls from the European Parliament for an arms embargo against Saudi Arabia, weapons continue to leave for Saudi Arabia. “Belgium has blood on its hands. How long will policymakers continue to accept this?” Vranken adds.

Swainson’s thrush in Panama

This 26 March 2019 video says about itself:

SURPRISE migrant Swainson’s Thrush Preens Then Displaced by Aggressive Rufous-and-white Wren

Watch Live at http://allaboutbirds.org/manakins

This cam shows one display perch in a population of Lance-tailed Manakins on Isla Boca Brava, Chiriquí, Panamá, that has been monitored intensively since 1999.

Noam Chomsky on United States ‘Russiagate’ conspiracy theory

This 24 March 2019 video from the USA says about itself:

In March 2019, weeks before the Mueller Report was finalized, acclaimed scholar and “Manufacturing Consent” author Noam Chomsky explained in an interview why accusations of Russian meddling and Trump-Russia collusion were “a joke”.

Noam Chomsky: The real election meddling isn’t coming from Russia: here.

All the energy which the United States Democratic party put in the ‘Russiagate’ conspiracy theory should instead have gone to real opposition against Trump’s militarism, his destruction of the environment, his racism, his homophobia, etc.

DEMOCRATS: TRUMP HAS HANDED US A GIFT Democrats say the Trump administration will regret taking an extreme position on a lawsuit challenging the Affordable Care Act, an issue they say will matter far more to voters in 2020 than anything coming out of special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation into the 2016 presidential election. [HuffPost]

Mueller’s report, after a sprawling investigation lasting nearly two years, has exposed the entire anti-Russia narrative as a hoax, perpetrated on the American people in pursuit of reactionary political ends. Journalist Matt Taibbi published an article on Saturday headlined “It’s official: Russiagate is this generation’s WMD”, in which he wrote: “The Iraq war faceplant damaged the reputation of the press. Russiagate just destroyed it… As a purely journalistic failure, however, WMD was a pimple compared to Russiagate”: here.

Mueller testimony: Another debacle for the Democrats’ anti-Russia campaign: here.

Wednesday’s testimony by former Special Counsel Robert Mueller before Congress, staged by the Democrats in the hope of reviving their discredited anti-Russian campaign and presentation of Trump as a stooge of Putin, turned into a debacle: here.

Rufous motmot in Panama, video

This video says about itself:

Panama Fruit Feeder Educational Feature: Rufous Motmot Tail Feathers

The large feathers in a bird’s tail are called rectrices, learn about the Rufous Motmot‘s rectrices here!

Watch LIVE 24/7 with highlights and viewing resources at http://allaboutbirds.org/panamafeeders

The Panama Fruit Feeder Cam is a collaboration between the Cornell Lab of Ornithology, the Canopy Family, and explore.org.