Lovely Blog Award, thanks!

Lovely Blog Award

Thanks to the kindness of blog, Dear Kitty. Some blog has been nominated for the Lovely Blog Award.

Thank you so much for this generosity!

It looks like the One Lovely Blog Award, which I received earlier, but still seems to be a bit different.

As for the rules of this award (feel free to disobey them if you don’t have time, have an award free blog, etc.):

Lovely Blog Award rules

Seven things about me are:

1. This morning, as I walked to the railway station, I heard a great spotted woodpecker drum, and a dunnock and a chaffinch sing.

2. I started blogging in 2005, on ModBlog. As ModBlog was bought by a big corporation which let it go down the drain, I changed to Blogsome. Since Blogsome went down the drain in December 2011, I am on WordPress.

3. As far as I know, my blog is not censored by any government in the world. With one exception: by the Erdogan government of NATO member country Turkey; for mentioning a Turkish army invasion of Iraq.

4. Which of my blog posts/pages attracted most visitors today?

Title Views
Home page / Archives More stats 39
Clinton, Trump in the USA, update More stats 22
Big teachers’ strike in the Netherlands More stats 15
African sideways striking snake discovered More stats 13
Scotland’s oldest osprey Lady still on eggs More stats 11
Singer Paul Robeson, new book More stats 9
Girl abused, Pentecostalist church covered up More stats 8
Dinosaur age mammal discovery in Tanzania More stats 6
Alligators, birds and dinosaurs, new study More stats 6
New Zealand Islamophobic terror and worldwide fascism More stats 5

5. Which of my blog posts/pages attracted most visitors this year?

Title Views
Home page / Archives More stats 23,625
Girl abused, Pentecostalist church covered up More stats 1,624
Rubens, Rembrandt, differences in what they painted More stats 969
Heineken beer, corruption, abuse, genocide in Africa More stats 885
History of sugar, and slavery, at Amsterdam museum More stats 883
Brunstad Christian Church, controversial in Norway More stats 870
Accusation of anti-Semitism in Belgium More stats 868
Woman publicly beheaded in Saudi Arabia More stats 631
Gay animal sex More stats 528
Racist violence in Belgium More stats 478
About More stats 472
Massive animal abuse in Belgian corporate slaughterhouse More stats 442
British rock ‘n roller Terry Dene in the 1950s and now More stats 372
Australian nazi massacre in Christchurch, New Zealand More stats 365
Donald Trump in Britain, Beatles parody song More stats 362
Thirteen ‘scary’ bird species for Halloween More stats 357
Portuguese author José Saramago dies More stats 354
Korean sex slaves of Japanese army, first video ever More stats 347

6. Which referrers referred most to my blog this year?

Referrer Views
Search Engines 60,936 Reader 37,372
Facebook 1,719
WordPress Android App 1,308
Twitter 777
Pinterest 325 324 301 198 137 135
Wikipedia 129
WordPress Dashboard 116 105 76

7. Which search engines referred most to my blog this year?

March 19, 2018 to Today

Referrer Views
Search Engines 60,936
Google Search 54,551
Bing 3,560 1,226
Yahoo Search 1,088
Baidu 275 44
Google Image Search 35 31
Yahoo Image Search 30
Yandex 27
AOL 26

My 15 nominees are:

1. It Is What It Is

2. Arlen Shahverdyan’s Literary blog

3. Share Your Light

4. Lasting Joy Club

5. House of Heart

6. Petchary

7. Queensland Begonia Society

8. Atrangi Zindagi Ka Safar

9. Imran Omer

10. Introverted but Socially Concerned

11. Angry McFinn & The Old Yank

12. Brangien Illuminated

13. Adventures of Pebbles

14. And I Didn`t Look Back

15. IndianWildlife


16 thoughts on “Lovely Blog Award, thanks!

  1. Thank you so much, Dear Kitty. Some Blog. I really do appreciate your nomination of my site. Unfortunately, I don’t feel that I can accept this. It has never been my aim to gain any sort of recognition for my meager activity on my blogsite. I share blogs which will, hopefully, interest others and maybe even help the few to understand the needs and outrage of the many. If these two aims are achieved, then that is reward enough. Once again, thank you for your nomination but I cannot accept this. I hope you understand, and I mean no offence. I appreciate your blogs and I wish you all the best for the future 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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