Northern harriers in Quebec, Canada

This 28 February 2019 video from Canada is called Birds of prey of Quebec: Northern Harrier.

Some ornithologists say the northern harrier of North America is the same species as the hen harrier of Eurasia; other say they are different species.


Christchurch massacre, and Trump’s, other politicians’, rhetoric

This 15 March 2019 video from the USA says about itself:

New Zealand Attacks: It’s Not JUST Trump

Rebel HQ’s Emma Vigeland breaks down why “white moderates“, as Martin Luther King Jr. called them, who push Islamophobic rhetoric also bear some responsibility for the anti-Muslim violence we’ve seen.

New Zealand Killer Says His Model Was Nazi-Allied British Fascist Oswald Mosley: here.

New Zealand Jews ‘Sickened, Devastated’ By Deadly Mosque Shootings: here.

New Zealand Synagogues Cancel Shabbat Services After Deadly Mosque Shooting: here.

Why Did Mass Shooting [perpetrator’s] Manifesto Cite [Trump supporter] Candace Owens, Slammed For Hitler Remarks? Here.

This 15 March 2019 video from the USA says about itself:

New Zealand Mosque Attack: After Trump’s Warning, it Got “Very Bad”

A mosque in New Zealand was attacked by Trump supporters a day after President Donald Trump issued what many are calling warning saying that it would be very bad if his supporters “Got tough”.

Is the tragedy we are seeing in New Zealand the result of Donald Trump emboldening his white supremacist base and encouraging acts of violence?

HOW FAR-RIGHT EXTREMISTS ABROAD HAVE ADOPTED MAGA “Make America Great Again” has become more than a U.S. political slogan. For Canadian white nationalist Alexandre Bissonnette — who killed six Muslim men in Quebec in 2017 — and other radical right and anti-immigrant extremists all over the world, it’s a symbol; political messaging that transcends the specifics of country and language. [HuffPost]

Neo-nazism today, why? New book

This 15 March 2019 video from England says about itself:

Christoph Vandreier [from Germany], author of Why Are They Back?, at the 2019 London Book Fair

The appointment of Adolf Hitler in January 1933 as Chancellor of Germany was the outcome not of an election, but of a political conspiracy involving a small number of senior military and government officials headed by General Paul von Hindenburg.

Its horrific consequences were World War II, the Holocaust and the destruction of tens of millions of lives.

Nearly 75 years after the fall of the Third Reich, the neo-Nazi right has once again become a major political force in Germany. Why Are They Back? analyzes the interaction of high-level political conspirators, media propagandists and right-wing academics at Berlin’s Humboldt University in the present-day resurgence of Nazism and German militarism.

Godwits, oystercatchers in snowy and sunny spring

This 10 March video shows black-tailed godwits, maybe just back from spring migration from Africa, and oystercatchers. First in snowy weather. Then, the snow stopped and the sun shone.

Jan Poffers made this video along the Vecht river in Overijssel province in the Netherlands.