German neonazis’ death threat campaign

This 5 September 2018 German video is about singer Helene Fischer making a statement on stage against xenophobia.

Translated from Dutch NOS TV today:

In the last few weeks, more than a hundred threatening letters have been sent to politicians, public institutions and other public figures in Germany. They were signed by the “National Socialist Offensive”, “NSU 2.0” and “Wehrmacht“. According to the NDR broadcasting organisation and the Süddeutsche Zeitung newspaper, these are right-wing extremist groups.

NSU 2.0 is a neonazi network of German police officers, called after the earlier nazi murder gang NSU.

The victims are addressed personally in the emails. One of the victims is singer Helene Fischer, who performed after the [neonazi] riots in Chemnitz during a concert against xenophobia.

There were also bomb threats. Earlier this week, the tax office in Gelsenkirchen and the main railway station in Luebeck were evacuated after bomb reports.

5 thoughts on “German neonazis’ death threat campaign

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