Uganda refugees, European Union propaganda and reality

This 12 May 2018 video from Uganda says about itself:

The plight of Somalia refugees in Kisenyi

Somali refugees living in Kisenyi, a Kampala suburb opens up about what they go through, especially the intimidation and individuals who term them as terrorists. Curthbert Kigozi tells this story.

Translated from Belgian (‘center right’) daily De Standaard, 9 March 2019, by Kasper Goethals:

The propaganda camps in Uganda

“This is hell. Here our dreams die”

An example of how successful ‘reception of refugees in the region‘ can be. That is the way the European Union likes to depict Uganda‘s policies.

Like they also depict the hellish situation for refugees in the camps in Greece in a very rose-coloured way. These are refugees from NATO-European Union wars in Iraq, Libya, Afghanistan, Somalia, etc. Refugees from Somalia in Uganda are also refugees from the Ugandan government; which uses its soldiers as cannon fodder to wage NATO’s war in Somalia.

In return, they [the European Union] look the other way concerning corruption and repression in the country. However, a tour through several camps leaves little to the imagination. “We want to get out of here. There is nothing here for us.”

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