Ban Sanders for insufficient Venezuela warmongering, corporate Democrat says

This 5 March 2019 video from the USA says about itself:

Wasserman Schultz Threatens Kicking Bernie Out Of Party Over Venezuela

Ms Wasserman Schultz had to resign in 2016 as Democratic party chair, because of her scandal of sabotaging Bernie Sanders’ campaign to help the Hillary Clinton campaign. Now, she helps Donald Trump’s war for oil plans.

Report reveals that armed troops were mobilized to force through US aid provocation on Venezuelan border: here.

While much of Venezuela remains without power due to a blackout that President Nicolás Maduro claims is the result of US cyber attacks, the story surrounding the Venezuelan military’s supposed burning of a “humanitarian aid” truck on the bridge from Cúcuta, Colombia on February 23 has completely unraveled. It is now clear that the accusations of Marco Rubio, John Bolton and other US officials that Maduro ordered the burning of the aid shipment were lies aimed at drumming up support for the US government’s efforts to foment a right-wing coup: here.

U.S. TO WITHDRAW DIPLOMATS FROM VENEZUELA The U.S. will withdraw all remaining diplomatic personnel from Venezuela this week, the State Department announced. [Reuters]

Washington announced late Monday that it is withdrawing all of its embassy personnel from Caracas in what may signal preparations for a direct US military intervention to consummate the protracted regime change operation unleashed against Venezuela: here.

THE TRADE Union Confederation of the Americas (TUCA), which represents more than 55 million workers on the continent, expresses the following in respect of the new threats and imminent conflict in Venezuela: ‘We condemn the unilateral decision by a group of governments of the region, notoriously led by the USA, to ignore the legitimacy of the government of President Maduro and to recognise the self-proclaimed “president of the transition”, representative Juan Guaidó, president of the National Assembly, who seized such investiture without the recognition of the other branches of government, violating the national constitution and usurping powers: here.

26 thoughts on “Ban Sanders for insufficient Venezuela warmongering, corporate Democrat says

  1. U.S backed coup falters, imperialist desperation grows – hit the streets!

    Major demonstrations set for Washington, DC on March 16 and March 30

    Anti-War Solidarity Delegation Arrives in Venezuela

    It is clear for the world to see: the U.S.-backed coup attempt in Venezuela has failed, defeated by the popular mobilization of the people of Venezuela and their supporters across the globe. The corporate media has been forced to admit this reality, no longer referring to Juan Guaidó as “interim president” but instead as a “opposition leader.” Even the New York Times came out with a report confirming the Venezuelan government’s claim that it was the opposition that burned trucks February 23.

    However, this does not mean that the imperialists’ desperation to overturn the Bolivarian Revolution and President Nicolás Maduro will subside – as evidenced by U.S. Senator Marco Rubio’s increasingly hostile tweets and provocations. In fact, just in the last few days U.S. and other hostile forces have engaged in a massive sabotage of Venezuela’s electrical grid, and have used this in a hollow attempt to re-energize the dying coup. So far, they continue to fail.

    Right now, a delegation of U.S. anti-war leaders – including Ajamu Baraka, National Coordinator of Black Alliance for Peace (BAP); Bahman Azad, Organizational Secretary of US Peace Council; Sara Flounders, Co-Director of the International Action Center and a coordinator of No War on Venezuela; Margaret Kimberley, Editor and Senior Columnist at Black Agenda Report, and on the Coordinating Committees of BAP and United Antiwar Coalition (UNAC); Joe Lombardo, Co-Coordinator of UNAC; and many more – are on the ground in Venezuela. We will share updates of this important solidarity mission on social media and by email as they are available.

    Two major upcoming mobilizations in Washington, D.C. are underscored in their importance by the increasing desperation of the Pentagon and Wall Street to advance their war agenda in light of their overwhelming defeat.
    Make a donation to help cover mobilization costs including transportation, materials, and more!

    Will you be in DC on March 16 or March 30 and want to march with the ‘No War on Venezuela’ contingent? Look for this banner to join us!

    March 16 – U.S. Hands off Venezuela
    12pm – Gather at Lafayette Park in front of the White House

    U.S. hands off Venezuela! ⧫ NO to the coup — the U.S. does not have the right to select other country’s leaders! ⧫ NO to the sanctions, oil embargo and economic war on Venezuela that aims to cause suffering for ordinary people in the country ⧫ NO to intervention and war from the U.S. and their proxies in the region
    More Info Here

    March 30 – No to NATO, War & Racism! No War on Venezuela! Join a major demonstration in front of the White House
    1pm – Lafayette Park

    US generals and the war planners of NATO are gathering for a “Summit Meeting” April 4.

    NATO is the aggressive US commanded military alliance responsible for massive death, destruction, homelessness and waves of refugees in Iraq, Afghanistan, Yugoslavia, Syria and Libya.

    We invite you to Washington DC to confront the War Makers Summit and to raise a united demand: No to NATO, War & Racism! No War on Venezuela!

    We urge you to support all protests and actions against US/NATO wars.

    Join us on Saturday March 30 in the streets and join a week of meetings, conferences and street actions from March 30 to the April 4 Black Alliance for Peace meeting on the anniversary of the assassination of Dr Martin Luther King.

    Find more info, transportation centers, and get involved in the organizing to build March 30 here

    147 W 24th St 2nd Fl
    Solidarity Center
    New York, NY 10011


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