Dutch senator quits as party is pro-hunting

Dutch D66-senator Henriëtte Prast, ANP photo

Translated from Dutch NOS TV today:

D66 senator Prast resigns because of the animal welfare standpoint of the party

D66 senator Henriëtte Prast gives up her seat in the Senate immediately. She also resigns her party membership. She disagrees with the policy on animal welfare.

D66 confirms the decision of the 63-year-old senator. …

The reason for the decision was a vote on a motion to extend the ban on canned hunting with hunting hares, rabbits, mallards, pheasants and wood pigeons. Prast was the only D66 senator who voted in favour.

D66 is one of four parties in the right-wing government coalition. Often, eg on LGBTQ rights, it is the least right-wing of the four parties. However, apparently not so on animal welfare.

When she became a member of the Senate in 2015, the professor of financial planning in Tilburg already made it clear that she wanted to make her own assessment when voting on animal welfare. She had hoped to bring her caucus from the inside to different insights.

UPDATE: Ms Prast is now a Senate candidate for the Party for the Animals.

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