Manuel Valls, from French ‘socialist’ to Spanish fascists’ ally

This 11 February 2018 video, in the French language, shows a right-wing demonstration in Madrid, Spain, aiming to overthrow the social democrat PSOE minority government of Pedro Sanchez. The video interviews Manuel Valls, ex-Prime Minister of France; now a politician of the neoliberal right-wing Spanish Ciudadanos party.

That demonstration was organised by a coalition of three parties: Valls’ Ciudadanos; the Partido Popular, founded by ex-ministers of the Franco dictatorship, calling itself ‘Christian Democrat’; and the Franco fascism supporters of Vox. These same three parties have formed a coalition to govern the Andalusia region.

By Alex Lantier in France, 21 February 2019:

Thus [French Socialist Party] PS [former] Prime Minister Manuel Valls attended a rally in Madrid of the Spanish right-wing parties including the new fascist party, Vox. This demonstration aimed to install a right-wing coalition government that would include Vox—a party that defends the record of fascist dictator Francisco Franco’s army during the civil war, that is, the use of mass murder against left-wing workers.

Who exactly is Valls? Wikipedia describes him as belonging originally to the Blairite right wing of the French Socialist party.

As Minister of the Interior, he became infamous for anti-Roma racism. From 2014-2016, he was Prime Minister.

Then, he tried to become Socialist Party presidential candidate. However, he lost the primary unexpectedly to more left-wing and far less known Hamon.

Valls then promised to support Hamon’s candidacy. However, he broke that promise, supporting instead Big Business candidate Macron.

The Socialist Party said they might expel him. Valls then tried to become a Macron party politician. They did not want him.

Valls’ second wife divorced him. Valls burned his bridges to France and moved to Spain and the Ciudadanos party.

If I would be Ciudadanos, then I would be wary about Valls causing conflicts in the party, and maybe departing under a cloud, to join: the Partido Popular? Or Vox?

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