German taxpayers’ money to Dutch old nazis

This 1942 video is called Dutch Waffen SS March Before Heinrich Himmler.

Translated from Dutch NOS TV today:

Dozens of former SS men in the Netherlands receive benefits from Germany

Some dozens of former Dutch SS men still receive benefits from Germany. Inquiries from the German authorities show that at least 34 elderly Dutch and their next of kin receive allowances. Among the former SS men there may also be war criminals, says historian Cees Kleijn.

The Dutch have received benefits from Germany since the 1950s because they became disabled during the Second World War. The amounts are paid by the federal states and vary from several hundred euros to about 1300 euros per month. The benefit for people who did forced labour in Germany during the war is much lower.

The Landschaftsverband Rheinland (LVR) is the organisation that transfers the benefits to the Netherlands. The LVR only wants to say that 34 Dutch people get money from a fund for people who were injured during the war. According to EenVandaag TV show, a number of them were injured in the service of the Waffen SS and fourteen cases are widows and widowers.

‘Double role of Germany’

Historian Kleijn does not exclude that among the recipients are also war criminals. It is known that Dutch people on the Eastern Front were involved in war crimes on a large scale. Germany says the benefit will be stopped if it is proven that the recipients have committed such crimes. In practice this hardly ever happens, according to figures from 2016.

“The German authorities play a double role in this respect,” says historian Kleijn. “They say they refuse former SS people’s benefits, but do not want to give names and numbers.”

He discovered three hundred former SS men in recent years and spoke to about half of them. Some of them received a monthly allowance from Germany. …

The disabled former SS members who were granted such allowance have never paid taxes in the Netherlands. Because Germany does not release the names of the former SS members, the Netherlands can not levy taxes, says CDA MP Pieter Omtzigt.

He has already asked parliamentary questions about the issue and wants to do that again soon. “War victims who receive benefits from Germany have to pay taxes.” He wants the Ministry of Finance to impose additional taxes.

The CIDI, an organization of the Jewish community in the Netherlands, calls it outright scandalous that Dutch former SS members receive a monthly allowance. “They worked together with the nazis in the Second World War and are benefiting from it now”, says deputy director Naomi Mestrum.

Yesterday it became known that 27 Belgians receive such a benefit. The parliament has asked the Belgian government to raise the issue diplomatically.

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