Bernie Sanders’ presidential campaign in the USA

This 29 February 2019 video from the USA says about itself:

Bernie Sanders’ 2020 Platform ANALYZED

Rebel HQ’s Emma Vigeland breaks down Bernie Sanders‘ 2020 presidential platform.

Bernie Sanders‘ campaign to be elected president of the USA started today. What do people on Twitter say about it? A few samples are here.

8 thoughts on “Bernie Sanders’ presidential campaign in the USA

  1. As the clock ticks toward midnight, we’re pretty close to reaching a pair of milestones we frankly didn’t think would be possible on day one.

    First, we’re just short of 350,000 signatures from people saying they support Bernie’s campaign for president. That’s 35% percent of the way to goal. Amazing.

    But what we didn’t expect is that more than 140,000 people would donate as well. Reaching 150,000 donations before midnight would send a pretty powerful message about the strength of our movement.

    If you are able to chip in $3, we’re going to do it! And we’re so close it could be your contribution that gets us there. Use this link:

    Thanks for making day one such a success.

    In solidarity,

    Team Bernie


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