6 thoughts on “Bernie Sanders for president, English humouristic song

  1. When Bernie announced he was running for president earlier today, we weren’t sure what to expect.

    But then, shortly before 7am this morning, Georgia from North Carolina said she was in. A few seconds after that, Michael from New York added his name.

    And in the first few hours alone, we are approaching 250,000 people who have signed up to say that we’re in this together.

    But the number Bernie is hoping to reach is 1,000,000 and if we’re going to get there, we need you in. Because this campaign isn’t about him, it’s about us. Together.

    So if you’re ready to beat Trump, to pass Medicare for all, college for all, jobs for all, and to win justice for all, then there’s no more important time to add your name than right now.

    Add your name: tell Bernie that you support his campaign for president. We will only win this primary, beat Trump, and elect a government that works for all of us if we’re in it together.



    At the end of today, we’re going to send Bernie a list of everyone who has said they’re with him from day one – people who have signed up and people who have donated. We know it would mean a lot to him if your name was on it.

    All our best,

    Team Bernie


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