17 thoughts on “Trump declares emergency to build his wall

  1. Donald Trump is about to declare a “national emergency” in order to build his wall – a monument to his racism along the southern border.

    But here’s the thing: in order to do this, he has to take money from the existing military’s budget, and/or order service members to actually construct the wall.

    All to appease right-wing radio and internet figures.

    Well, we say no. And as veterans, military family members and our civilian supporters, we have a powerful voice in this fight. But we can’t do that alone:

    Make a $3 donation to VoteVets today and we will put it right to work elevating the voices of veterans in the fight against Trump’s use of service members and military budgets to build his racist wall.

    No president has ever shown as much disdain for the troops as Trump. It’s not even the bone spurts/deferments he lied about; it’s the attacks he launches against veterans who don’t kiss his ring, the lies about donations to veterans’ charities, the handing over of our VA to his buddies at Mar-a-Lago, and more. Now, this…

    There’s no voice more important than ours in stopping this wall. Thanks for helping us make it heard.

    – The team at VoteVets


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