10 thoughts on “Unilever corporation sacks worker for daughter with cancer

  1. Having faced this ultimatum for my sibling’s situation, there’s a detail they are missing. Not all U.S. companies even have to offer FMLA. If under 50 employees, they aren’t required. I had that threat made loud and clear to me last year when my sibling nearly died, and I will never forget it.


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  3. Target Corporation, one of the biggest employers in the country, is swindling its workers out of paid family leave.

    Hourly Target workers across the country–nearly everyone who works at an actual store–are speaking out about a widespread corporate practice of managers slashing hours so employees won’t qualify for the company’s paid family leave program. This impacts workers like Callie Leamy, a Target employee in Maryland who is 9 months pregnant, will likely get no paid maternity leave after giving birth, and is facing homelessness as a result.1

    Target is aware that it has attracted its customers based on its “progressive” reputation. So if Target customers and the public raise an uproar about its scheme to swindle working parents out of family leave, we could force Target to live up to its reputation and actually guarantee ALL employees paid family leave.

    Tell Target Corporation: “Stop cheating your workers. Offer 12 weeks of paid family leave to ALL employees, including hourly employees who need it the most.”

    Sign the petition

    Target amassed $71 billion in revenue last year, in part because of its public image as a one-stop shop for families needs.2 And who are the people moving that money into Target executives’ and shareholders’ pockets? Rank and file Target workers who have families of their own. They deserve the ability to care for a new child.

    With all the attention on Target and its reputation for “doing right by America,”3 we can force Target to do right by its hundreds of thousands of workers all over the country–and make a huge splash in the corporate world by demonstrating how “good” companies treat its workers.

    And it’s important for women that this growing movement for paid parental leave trends in the right direction: in the United States, 60% of women are the primary caregiver responsible for a family member–inadequate access to paid parental leave sets entire families back financially. In fact, over 80% of Black families, 60% of Native families, 50% of Latino families, and 40% of white families depend on the mother as the main breadwinner.4 That means access to better parental leave is essential to reaching economic equality across race lines.

    Target is the perfect company to uphold as an example of an employer that values its workers fairly–but only once caring customers successfully push it to treat its workers better, and equally, with 12 weeks of paid family leave.

    Will you sign the petition to Target Corporation now?

    Thanks for speaking out!

    — Shaunna, Kat, Karin, Holly, Kathy, Susan, Anathea, Audine, Emma, Pilar, Natalie, Melody, Pam, Lindsay, Ryan, Sonja, and Noma, the UltraViolet team


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