48 thoughts on “Trump’s oil war on Venezuela?

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    • Friday, 8 February 2019

      ‘Give Venezuela back its gold!’

      ‘No Blood for Oil’ chanted a lively picket of the Bank of England demanding the bank returns $1.3bn worth of gold to Venezuela

      ‘BANK of England you’ve been told – Give Venezuela back its gold’ chanted a 60-strong picket line outside the bank yesterday lunchtime. News Line spoke to Venezuelan journalist Carolina Graterol at the picket who said: ‘This act by the Bank of England to hold 31 tons of Venezuelan gold worth $1.3bn is an act of piracy.

      ‘It is outrageous that such a “respected” institution as the Bank of England acts in this way. If they really want to help the Venezuelan people they should return this gold immediately.

      ‘The whole farce of the coup d’etat organised by Trump and his group of white supremacists in the White House is falling apart. ‘It is illegal and morally unacceptable. For England it is the biggest blunder since holding a vote for Brexit.’

      Alberto Torres, also on the picket said: ‘We have had enough of imperialist governments taking away the resources of poorer nations. ‘The gold belongs to Venezuela.’



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