Trump attacks children for immigrating

This 2 February 2019 video from the USA is called Leaked Memo Reveals Trump INTENDED to Traumatize Migrant Children.

Source: the right-wing Daily Mail; so, no moaning about supposed ‘liberal media bias’.

This 1 February 2019 video from the USA says about itself:

Trump’s Migrant Prisons Bring Back Internment Camps & Slavery

Trump’s migrant prisons are making good on the President’s promise to “Make America Great Again”; that is, if like many of the president’s critics have pointed out, America’s past [is] riddled with institutions that should never be renewed.

Chief among them, the Japanese [American] internment camps during World War II and the institution of slavery which survived through private prisons. The latest target of these private prisons are immigrants and refugees.

From Latino Victory in the USA:

It’s reasonable enough to assume that infants aren’t threats to our national security. But that hasn’t stopped the Trump administration from keeping immigrant infants in detention centers and jails in Texas.

Babies. ICE has held at least 16 babies under one year old in detention facilities with dirty water, limited baby food, and a severe lack of medical care.

Trump’s agenda is irresponsible, cruel, and dangerous. And his administration’s lack of humanity should be disturbing to us all.

Join our fight by adding your name now to demand that this administration end their reckless persecution of immigrant children and infants.

Under the GOP’s reign, families have been separated, children have been locked in cages, and at least three migrants have died in Customs and Border Patrol custody, while Trump takes every opportunity he can to vilify immigrants — even conjuring up a fake national emergency to fund his racist border wall.

We’re going to fight back against Trump’s and ICE’s reckless endangerment of immigrant children with everything we’ve got. But we cannot emphasize enough how crucial it is for you to join us, Lola:

Please, add your name now and fight alongside us to end Trump’s reign of terror.

Mayra Macías
Vice President, Latino Victor

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