House finches in California, USA

This 4 May 2014 video from the USA says about itself:

Backyard Bird Watching: House Finch Nest 5 Weeks Complete Documentary

Filmed over the course of 5 weeks, from eggs to baby flying away, shot in Pasadena, California.

From the Cornell Lab of Ornithology in the USA, 23 January 2019:

New Study Focuses on House Finches

A study spanning more than a century of House Finch data suggests that as California’s spring temperatures get warmer, the birds are laying eggs earlier in the season. The new study is based on data from our nest records, along with nest specimens from museums going back to 1895.

Dr. Heather Watts of Washington State University spearheaded the investigation on these vegetarian finches. The paper notes that while insect-eating birds have been documented shifting their egg-laying in association with warmer spring temperatures, birds which eat a plant-based diet (about 28 percent of species globally) have been understudied. The House Finch, which is also declining in California, was therefore a good study species. Read more about this research in our latest blog post.

The small songbird, which famously landed at a Bernie Sanders election rally in 2016, was a female house finch.

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