Poetry, winter and nature of Oude Buisse Heide

Snowy path, 22 January 2019

Still 22 January 2019 at Oude Buisse Heide nature reserve. We were still walking on poetess Henriette Roland Holst’s path, amidst much snow.

Frozen lake, with snow, 22 January 2019

We passed another frozen lake.

Poem sign, 22 January 2019

And, on the border between forest and heathland, we arrived at another sign with a poem by Ms Roland Holst on it.

Poem, 22 January 2019

This poem is a sonnet. It is about the beauty of the Oude Buisse Heide, with its sounds of jackdaws and other birds.

Path, 22 January 2019

The path continued. Woodland on one side; heathland with some trees on the other side.

Snow on branches, 22 January 2019

Snow on the tree branches.

Snow on poem, 22 January 2019

And snow on another sign.

Which poem by Henriette would be underneath the snow?

Stay tuned to know!

4 thoughts on “Poetry, winter and nature of Oude Buisse Heide

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