Poetry, snow and nature at Oude Buisse Heide

This 2013 Dutch video is about Oude Buisse Heide nature reserve and its biotopes (not during winter)

Still 22 January 2019 at Oude Buisse Heide; definitely in winter.

Today, we walked, as snow was falling and eventually covering everything, along the poetry footpath. It has signs with poems by Henriette Roland Holst besides it.

Old trees, 22 January 2018

Close to the beginning, these old trees.

At first, we missed Henriette’s poetry footpath (which she walked herself day after day when she was alive).

Frozen lake, snow, 22 January 2019

We arrived at this frozen lake.

Frozen lake and snow, 22 January 2019

It kept snowing, as this photo shows.

We continued, and arrived at the border between woodland and heathland. However, the path stopped. We had to go back.

At the crossroads, we found Henriette’s poetry path which we should have taken before.

Frozen lake and tree trunk, 22 January 2019

We arrived at another frozen lake. No little grebes here now, like sometimes in summer.

De Vrouw in het Woud, 22 January 2019

We arrived at this sign. After wiping off most of the snow, this poem by Henriette Roland Holst became visible.

It is the poem De Vrouw in het Woud, the woman in the woodland. It describes how in woodland, there are dark, somber parts, but also beautiful lighter parts. This poem is from the 1917, third, edition of her poetry book of the same name. That book was originally from 1911, when she was sad after a conflict with the social democrat party leadership, which had failed to support a transport workers’ strike. The beauty of nature may help the poetess overcome the sadness.

Leaves, 22 January 2019

There were still a few leaves left in the woodland, even though autumn was over.

Branches, 22 January 2019

There probably had been autumn storms, as there were branches on the forest floor.

Voorbijgaande schoonheid, 22 January 2019

We arrived at another poem by Ms Roland Holst. She wrote it in 1945, when she thought she might die soon. The poem describes the beauty of summer. Which, however, will not last long, ‘and, like with summer, it will happen with me’.

Stay tuned, as there will be more about poetry, snow and wildlife at Oude Buisse Heide on this blog!

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