Spanish Francoist neofascists VOX and their opponents

This 4 December 2018 video from Spain says about itself:

Thousands of demonstrators swept through Seville on Monday night after the far-right Vox party won 12 seats in regional elections. Protesters forced their way inside the city’s university before marching on the official seat of the Andalusian government. A number of spontaneous demonstrations have been held in key cities across the region, including Granada and Malaga.

On 19 January 2019, Dutch daily NRC published a report by Koen Greven on Spanish extreme right party VOX. Its title is, translated, ‘Right-wing machos fight leftist achievements‘.

The article says VOX is based on nostalgia for the (Franco dictatorship) past. Translated:

A Spain where abortion was illegal, no gay marriages took place, bullfighting was not questioned, migrants played no significant role and the Catalans were oppressed.

Greven interviewed political science professor Fernando Vallespín of the Universidad Autónoma of Madrid. According to Vallespín, VOX differs from some xenophobic parties in other European countries as they are not anti-European Union at all.

VOX in Andalusia say they will continue to demand deportation of 50,000 immigrants from the region.

In recent weeks, the anti-immigration party, also opposed to feminism, has been massively protested against in virtually all major cities. The party refuses to endorse a widely supported pact on combating domestic violence and sexual aggression against women. In Seville, the capital of Andalusia, last Tuesday a crowd of angry women tried in vain to prevent the parliamentarians of Vox from being appointed. They waved banners and called for the departure of “the fascists of Vox“.

The women are afraid that the right to abortion or gay marriage will be threatened again. “We do not want those Vox fascists in our parliament. they want to take away the rights that we have fought for for years”, says Victoria Bautista from the coastal city Cádiz, in front of the parliament building. “LGBTQ people would no longer be able to marry. Migrants would be deported. Women will become outlawed. We live in the 21st century. We will not take a step back. I will always be a socialist and will keep fighting for a better Spain!”

A group of retired socialists, who play bowls in front of Sevilla’s Santa Justa station, attributes part of the rise of Vox to the socialist PSOE. “The last time I did not vote”, Francisco Ortiz admits. The man next to him nods. He did not either. Ortiz: “The socialists have ruled for forty years in Andalusia. That is not good. Then you will get used to power. … Do not get me wrong: Vox is nothing for us at all.”

“We are going to make Spain great again“, says the slogan of Vox party leader Abascal. In a campaign film he drives gallop across an empty prairie. Accompanying text: ‘The Reconquista starts in Andalusia’.

The Reconquista were medieval wars, resulting in the kiling or expulsion of all Muslims and Jews from Spain.

On Sunday, tens of thousands of people joined a protest called by Spain’s main right-wing parties in Madrid’s Plaza de Colon. The Popular Party (PP), Citizens, and the far-right Vox party had chartered hundreds of buses to bring right-wing supporters from across Spain, calling to “throw out” social-democratic Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez over his talks with the Catalan nationalists. Between 20,000 and 45,000 people attended the protest, listening to speeches from right-wing politicians. Also participating were groups like the neo-Nazi Hogar Social (Social Home); the Spanish Falange; España 2000; and Spain’s main police union, the United Police Union. The role of this last organisation underscores the critical role of the state machine in promoting the protest and the broader rise of neo-fascistic, anti-Catalan agitation: here.

Yesterday, after the show trial of Catalan nationalists began in Madrid, Catalan nationalist legislators declined to support the minority Spanish Socialist Party (PSOE) government’s budget. PSOE Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez’s budget failed by 191-158. After meeting with his council of ministers on Friday, he is expected to call elections this spring: here.

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