Common yellowthroat video

This 2018 video from North America says about itself:

Common Yellowthroat

Video courtesy of Macaulay Library at the Cornell Lab of Ornithology.


Syrian woman about being tortured by fundamentalists

This 19 January 2019 Dutch NOS public broadcasting TV video, recorded in Syria, says about itself (translated):

Humiliated in a cage: “I will never forgive the terrorists”

Reefa is an engineer at an energy utility in Damascus. When she was at home, jihadists grabbed her and locked her up with dozens of others in a mobile cage. The goal: to use them as a human shield against the bombing by their enemy, the Syrian government.

This is a report by Roozbeh Kaboly and cameraman Rachid El Mourif.

Translated from Dutch NOS TV:

Humiliated in a cage: ‘I will never forgive the Syrian terrorists

It is slowly becoming quieter in Syria, the war seems almost to be decided. Also in Douma, a suburb of Damascus and one of the first strongholds of the uprising against the Syrian government, there is now no longer fighting. But that has been different.

At the beginning of the war the neighborhood was conquered by moderate rebels, after which jihadist groups took over. Including Jaysh al-Islam, ‘the army of Islam’. They kidnapped a large group of minorities people who supposedly supported the Syrian regime. There was murder, torture, and women and children served as human shields against bombing by the army. The Syrian army intervened violently and surrounded the neighborhood. The population was being starved.

Reefa (59) was also detained in Douma for three years. “I am Ismaili [a Muslim tendency led by the Aga Khan], a minority about which the rebels say that they support the government. Which is why I got flogged and for ten days I was locked up in the cold and without food on my own, and the rebels have driven us around in cages to humiliate us.”

Reefa can not forgive the groups that imprisoned her. “We did not wrong them in any way. I’m just an engineer, I’ve never hurt anyone in my life. I’ve lost my whole life, my job, everything. I’ve lost my nephews, two young boys, how can I forget that??” Forgiveness is needed for a new future for the country, but Reefa can not imagine how. “I am against reconciliation, they have betrayed their country. I am not a politician and do not speak a political language.” …

Can Syrians ever live together in peace? “That will be very difficult”, says Nieuwsuur news show journalist Roozbeh Kaboly, who was in Syria for this series. …

“At the same time Syrians are tough and strong people, they always tell me about the long history of Syria: the country has experienced many wars and it has been destroyed several times, but has been rebuilt over and over again. So, there is always hope. I myself am very optimistic.”

Raccoon, opossum living in peace in Florida, USA

This video from the USA says about itself:

A big Raccoon and a Possum sharing dinner get along just fine, perhaps the bounty of food spread around helps. …

Note that this video was really taken in January 2019 in Florida; the date on the video is wrong. Enjoy!

Another friendly encounter was filmed awhile back:

Women’s March in Dutch Groningen

The Women's March in Groningen, the Netherlands. Photo by Martin Drent | RTV Noord

This photo shows the Women’s March in Groningen, the Netherlands, today. In front on the right a bag of the FNV trade union federation, and a sign saying Oprutte!; meaning right-wing Dutch Prime Minister Rutte, resign!

Translated from Dutch NOS TV today:

Just like in many cities abroad, this afternoon Groningen women also took to the streets to demonstrate against physical and psychological violence. About 150 people marched along. Among them were dozens of boys and men who are concerned about violence against LGBTQ people. …

Nashville Statement

The organization decided to see the theme more broadly than just violence against women. There was also attention for violence against LGBTQ people, partly due to the news about the [homophobic misogynist fundamentalist religious] Nashville Statement and the Dutch signatories of it.

“If we keep quiet, then we can not achieve anything, and if we march along, then we can achieve more”, says a boy who joins the Women’s March.


The Women’s March began in January 2017 in the United States, after the inauguration of Donald Trump as president. Hundreds of thousands of women took to the streets. Since that time demonstrations around the world have been organized on 19 and 20 January. In the Netherlands this happened today only in Groningen. However, a Women’s March in Amsterdam is scheduled for March 9th.

Pachycrocuta, extinct giant hyena

This 19 January 2019 video says about itself:

Pachycrocuta was a genus of prehistoric hyenas. The largest and most well-researched species is Pachycrocuta brevirostris, colloquially known as the giant short-faced hyena.

It stood about 90–100 cm (35–39 in) at the shoulder and it is estimated to have averaged 110 kg (240 lb) in weight, approaching the size of a lioness, making it the largest known hyena.

Pachycrocuta first appeared during the late Pliocene, about 3 million years ago and became extinct during the middle Pleistocene, 400,000 years ago. Fossil remains have been found broadly in Eurasia and southern and eastern Africa.

Most material consists of fragmented remains, usually of the skull, but a cache of very comprehensive bone material was unearthed at the famous Zhoukoudian site, which probably represents the remains of animals using these caves as lairs for many millennia.

At the western end of their former range, at Venta Micena in southeastern Spain, a huge assemblage of Pleistocene fossils also represents a den. Other proposed species, P. robusta and P. pyrenaica, are less well researched; the former may simply be an exceptionally large European paleosubspecies of the brown hyena, Hyaena brunnea.

Sometimes included in this genus (as Pachycrocuta bellax) is the extinct giant striped hyaena, Hyaena bellax.

Similar to the modern day striped hyena, it [Pachycrocuta] was probably primarily a kleptoparasitic scavenger of the kills of other predators, such as sabertooth cats.

Pachycrocuta scavenged for food, probably preferentially so, because it was a heavyset animal not built for chasing prey over long distances. In this respect it would have differed from the spotted hyena of today, which is a more nimble animal that, contrary to its image as a scavenger, usually kills its own food, but often gets displaced by lions.

Research by anthropologists Noel Boaz and Russell Ciochon on remains of Homo erectus unearthed alongside Pachycrocuta at the Zhoukoudian site attributed scoring and puncture patterns observed on hominin long bones and skulls—originally thought to be signs of cannibalism—to predation by Pachycrocuta. It has been proposed that Pachycrocuta was outcompeted and driven to extinction by the spotted hyena, which was formerly present in Eurasia as well as Africa.

Music: Darkness is coming

Darkness is Coming by Kevin MacLeod is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license.

Murdoch’s Fox News warmongering in the USA

This 18 January 2019 video from the USA says about itself:

Fox News Uses Anti-Logic To Keep Us In Wars Forever

A commenter from the USA on this video says:

It’s hilarious how we can’t afford to implement policies that every other developed nation has (i.e universal healthcare, universal education, paid time off, etc.), but we can afford to waste trillions and American lives for all of these endless wars.