Big Mexican workers’ strike

This June 2015 video is called Maquiladora Workers’ Interview.

By Alex González and Andrea Lobo:

Amid media blackout, workers expand strike

Matamoros, Mexico strike of over 70,000 workers enters sixth day

18 January 2019

Over 70,000 “maquiladora” workers from 45 factories in the US-Mexico border town of Matamoros, Mexico have entered the sixth day of their courageous struggle as more and more plants are paralyzed throughout the city.

Last night, thousands of workers marched through the city from factory to factory chanting “unity, unity”, “walk out! walk out!,” “the workers united will never be defeated” and “strike!” Workers stopped at each plant and appealed to workers changing shift to join their strike, greeting each new walkout with a loud round of cheers. The crowd grew throughout the night.

There is a sense in the ruling class that the strike may be getting out of control. …

The strike at Matamoros has been completely ignored by the corporate media. There is not a single article about the Matamoros strike in any of the major Mexican or international news outlets. … the US-based New York Times and Washington Post, and Mexican newspapers such as El Universal and Reforma, have nothing to say about the largest strike on the North American continent in recent years.

“Those workers are setting an example, they are starting a movement”. Canadian and US autoworkers voice support for striking maquiladora workers in Mexico: here.

Workers call for election of committees. Auto companies scared, parts run low across North America as strike grows in Matamoros, Mexico. By Andrea Lobo and Alex González, 19 January 2019.

The strike by 70,000 auto parts workers in Matamoros, Mexico is beginning to affect production at US automobile assembly plants, raising the possibility that auto production across North America could be brought to a standstill: here.

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