United States presidential candidates (?) Sanders and Biden

This 5 January 2019 video from the USA is called Bernie Sanders Fires Back at “Wall Street Democrats” Who Attacked Him.

This 5 January 2019 video from the USA is called [right wing of the Democratic party politician Joe] Biden: “I Have No Empathy” For Millennials.

BIDEN WALKS BACK PENCE REMARKS Former Vice President Joe Biden had to walk back remarks about his successor, Mike Pence, after he called him a “decent guy.” The comment was quickly criticized by fellow Democrats, including actress and LGBTQ activist Cynthia Nixon. [HuffPost]

SECOND WOMAN SPEAKS Another woman has publicly accused Joe Biden of inappropriately touching her when he was vice president, intensifying the spotlight on of his interactions with women over the years. Amy Lappos told The Hartford Courant that Biden grabbed her by the head and rubbed noses with her during a 2009 political fundraiser. The allegation comes after former Nevada assembly member Lucy Flores published an op-ed in New York Magazine’s “The Cut” on Friday, alleging that Biden touched and kissed her without her consent in 2014. [HuffPost]

TWO MORE WOMEN ACCUSE BIDEN Two more women have come forward with stories of former Vice President Joe Biden touching them in ways that made them uncomfortable, adding to two previous allegations against the potential 2020 presidential candidate in the last week. [HuffPost]

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