Dutch agriculture minister, 2018 worst anti-animal person

Dutch Agriculture Minister wins anti-animal person award

Translated from Dutch Vroege Vogels radio today:

More than 10,000 people voted in the annual election by Animal & Justice. 35 percent of the participants voted for agriculture minister Carola Schouten.

Election of worst anti-animal person of the year

Every year, Dier & Recht [Animal and Justice] nominates five Dutch people and organizations that have strongly influenced the lives of animals negatively. With 35 percent of the votes, the Minister of Agriculture has been elected as the largest cause of animal suffering this year.

And the winner is…

As boss of the agricultural ministry, Carola Schouten was unable last year to take decisive measures on very urgent and sensitive issues such as stable fires, manure fraud, abuses in slaughterhouses and climate change by the livestock industry. Although the scandals in the cattle industry are piling up, Minister Schouten continues to insist that the sector must solve the problems itself. Since she became minister, her Christian Union party voted in favour of animal welfare in less than 5 percent of cases; during the previous government it was still 45 percent.

Results of worst anti-animal person of the year 2018 election

The result of the election is as follows:

Minister of Agriculture Carola Schouten – 35%
Calf rearing corporation Van Drie – 28%
ING Bank – 19%
Horse market foundation in Hedel – 15%
H & M textile corporation – 2%

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