Protests against Saudi-Trump war on Yemen

This video from The Hague in the Netherlands says about itself (translated):

United for Yemen

More than half of the Yemeni population is at risk of dying from hunger due to war. Warplanes make a lot of victims. Especially Saudi Arabia is the cause of this. Parwin M. Raza took the initiative for an action for Yemen, which was held on Sunday, Nov. 25, 2018 near the building of the House of Representatives.

She received support from, eg May-May Meijer of Peace SOS and Serdar Işik.

A coalition led by Saudi Arabia continuously carries out air strikes on cities in Yemen, where many victims are killed and infrastructure such as hospitals is destroyed. Markets, buses and funerals are also targeted. In addition, the coalition has set up an air, land and sea blockade that has created a famine for millions of people.

Dutch NOS TV reports that today, there was a vigil against the war in Yemen. Also in The Hague, near the Peace Palace.

Rabbi Soetendorp, one of the initiators of the vigil, said (translated):

I am ashamed, because I also became aware of what is going on in Yemen only two months ago. Around Christmas, the Netherlands should show solidarity with fellow human beings, and therefore this vigil and this moral appeal.

USA: Conservative columnist Kurt Schlichter is facing a wave of backlash for his callous dismissal of a story on the death of a Yemeni mother’s 2-year-old son.

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