Guatemalan children dying in United States detention

This 27 December 2018 video says about itself:

Human Tragedy While In US Custody

Two Guatemalan children have died this month while in US custody in a serious violation of human rights and a gross act of irresponsibility.

Guatemala’s government and its entire ruling establishment have responded to the recent deaths of two Guatemalan children under US custody with an indifference that not only reflects their disdain for the country’s impoverished masses, but also their efforts to demonstrate loyal submission to the Trump administration: here.

MIGRANT BORDER CHILDREN SLAPPED AROUND Surveillance videos obtained by The Arizona Republic show migrant children being slapped, pushed and dragged by employees at a shelter run by Southwest Key Programs. [HuffPost]

More than 70 years ago, US researchers infected Guatemalans with syphilis and gonorrhea, then left without treating them. US federal judge allows lawsuit over illegal experimentation on Guatemalan subjects: here.

A 45-year old man taken into custody by US Customs and Border Patrol (CBP) agents in early February has died in a medical facility in McAllen, Texas. This is the third reported death of migrants in the custody of CBP in the past few months and yet another horrifying illustration of the inhumane anti-immigration policies of the US government: here.

”My story belongs to every single human being who has sacrificed and risked their life in search of a better life”. Mexican migrant details harrowing journey across the Sonoran desert following deportation: here.

On Friday, the Trump administration forced the Guatemalan government to sign a two-year agreement to become a “safe third country,” whereby the United States can deport migrants who reach its southern border to Guatemala and force them to apply for asylum there to the US or Guatemala. In effect, the Guatemalan state is being turned into an extension of the US Department of Homeland Security (DHS), with the US promising to “cooperate to strengthen the institutional capacities of Guatemala,” that is, to militarize the borders and build concentration camps as part of a network that already spans across Mexico and the United States: here.

30 thoughts on “Guatemalan children dying in United States detention

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  6. Another immigrant has died under Customs and Border Patrol’s (CBP) custody. That makes this the third person — including two innocent children — to have died as a result of President Trump’s anti-immigrant policies.

    Congress must thoroughly investigate these atrocities. Sign your name now to demand Congress hold the Trump administration accountable by launching an investigation into these deaths.

    From suspicious deaths under CBP’s watch to the demonization of immigrants in the president’s speeches to the thousands of families torn apart by this administration’s cruel deportation force — let this be yet another stark reminder that as long as Trump and the GOP control the White House and the Senate, Latinos will be under attack.

    But with your voice, Lola, we can fight back and hold them accountable. Sign our petition now:

    Thanks. Gracias.

    Latino Victory


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