20 thoughts on “Homeless people freezing to death

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  10. Today LDF filed suit against the State of Maryland for failing to adequately fund Baltimore City schools, which greatly and disproportionately harms Black and Latinx students.

    Last year, students in 87 Baltimore schools — over half of all public schools in the City — attended class in rooms lacking heat. As a result, over 60 schools were required to close, with thousands of students forced to miss days at a time. In the summer, many schools shut down again because classrooms had no air conditioning. These are just a few examples of the dismal and unsafe conditions plaguing schoolchildren in Baltimore.

    Nearly 90 percent of public school students in Baltimore are Black and Latinx. The lack of funding has stifled the educational opportunity of thousands of children of color.

    For more than a decade, Maryland has violated court orders requiring sufficient funding to provide Baltimore students access to the quality education they deserve. Now, LDF has joined with the ACLU of Maryland to represent parents of Baltimore’s public school children in addressing these unacceptable school conditions.

    We demand that Maryland meet its obligation to ensure that the thousands of Black and Latinx students in Baltimore can go to school in an environment where they have an equal opportunity to learn and grow. To learn more about this case, visit our website.

    With you in struggle,
    Sherrilyn A. Ifill
    President and Director-Counsel


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