US corporate Democrat anti-Semitic attack on Bernie Sanders

This 30 December 2019 video from the USA is called Bernie Celebrates Hanukkah Following Anti-Semitic Attacks.

This tweet is about a United States corporate Democrat anti-Semitic attack on senator and 2016, and maybe 2020, presidential candidate Bernie Sanders.

The ‘Judas’ in the tweet was, according to New Testament Christian tradition, an apostle of Jesus turned traitor. Later anti-Jewish Christians considered Judas as supposedly typical of all Jewish people, both 2000 years ago and later; depicting all Jews as ‘treacherous’ and bad all over. This depiction of Senator Sanders as ‘Christ killer’ is not the first time that Clinton supporters attack Sanders by playing on fundamentalist Christian anti-Jewish prejudices.

Bernie Sanders did NOT ‘betray’ or ‘crucify‘ Ms Clinton. Quite the contrary, though the Democratic party establishment had used unfair tricks to stop him from winning, after Ms Clinton became the official party candidate, Sanders went on a speaking tour all over the country to recommend voting for Clinton against Trump. Even though many of Sanders’ own supporters had mixed feelings about that, and crowds at Sanders’ pro-Clinton speaking tour were far smaller than when he still was a candidate himself.

Comparing Ms Clinton to Jesus? Why? As one person on Twitter said sarcastically:

Ms Clinton ‘spreading peace and love’, supposedly contrary to ‘Judas’ Sanders?

‘Spreading love’? She mainly spread love to people like corrupt Italian Prime Minister Berlusconi, the dictator of Uzbekistan and generals who did a coup against a democratically elected president of Honduras when she was Secretary of State.

Hillary Clinton supported about all wars. She supported George W Bush’s invasion of Iraq. When she and Donald Trump were presidential candidates, they both supported the bloody war of the Saudi autocracy on the civilians of Yemen. Ms Clinton got lots of money from the Saudi royals. She supported these royals. She did not support the Saudi women jailed, flogged, and now threatened with public beheading for driving cars. If she would have been elected president, then she would probably have been as enthusiastic for the Yemen war as Trump. Like these and these corporate Democrats were recently.

So much for Ms Clinton ‘spreading peace’. Though Bernie Sanders unfortunately is not a consistent opponent of all wars, he did oppose George W Bush’s disastrous Iraq war. And, recently, he is an opponent of the Saudi crown prince-Trump-corporate Democrat war on the children and other civilians of Yemen.

I Googled whether the United States or British corporate media wrote anything about this anti-Semitic attack on Sanders.

I found nothing.

Maybe that is because of Google’s censorship of left-wing Internet sources. Or maybe it was corporate media self-censorship.

I just found this, on, 15 December 2018:

Actor Debra Messing has been slammed over reposting a tweet which boldly refers to Hillary Clinton as being a “modern-day Jesus” who was “betrayed and crucified” by Judas – also known as Bernie Sanders. …

[Glenn] Greenwald went on to call Messing’s action “as ugly, bigoted, and toxic as anything anyone got fired for doing this year.”

He then sarcastically noted another “parallel” between Jesus and Hillary Clinton.

“A lot of people don’t know that Jesus charged massive speaking fees to speak to money-changers before wrecking their tables in the temple and then casting them out”, he said.

Clinton has been cast in the spotlight numerous times over the years for excessive fees collected for turning up at events and saying a few words. Some of her speeches after leaving the post of secretary of state paid $200,000 a pop. All in all, she’s made many millions on the speaking circuit.

Meanwhile, Greenwald wasn’t the only one who was angered by Messing’s retweet.

Still shady: Debra Messing said she’d rather be in an elevator with Trump than [with fellow actress, but Sanders supporter, unlike Clinton supporter Messing] Susan Sarandon: here.

That attitude concerning Trump and left-wing Democratic party voters is typical for corporate Democrats.

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