Dutch government wants more money for militarism

This 9 March 2018 video from the USA says about itself:

Bernie Sanders SLAMS Pentagon Corruption

TYT Politics’ Emma Vigeland discusses Senator Bernie Sanders‘ questioning of Pentagon and Defense Department officials about their spending and relationship with defense contractors.

Not only in the USA is the bloated military budget out of control. There are similar tendencies in other countries.

Dutch NOS TV reports today that the Dutch right-wing government wants to spend more taxpayers’ money on defence … let’s stop using that whitewashing euphemism … on warmongering and warfare.

This as a consequence of United States President Donald Trump saying at the 2018 NATO conference that European countries should spend more on militarism, like he does.

The Dutch government says they want to spend more on five things:

1. Buying more F-35, aka JSF, warplanes. In the production of these Lockheed Martin warplanes, there have been lots of financial and other scandals. Donald Trump will like this, as he likes exporting United States weapons all over the world, whether to Saudi Arabia or elsewhere.

2. More money for the army. Especially tanks.

3. More money for the navy.

4. More money for special forces. These forces are especially for neocolonial invasions of Third World countries. There have been various sexual abuse and other scandals in these forces.

5. More money for cyber warfare. Including, like the United States NSA does, producing malware damaging the computers of private businesses and civilians?

3 thoughts on “Dutch government wants more money for militarism

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