American conservative Ann Coulter’s anti-Semitism

From Jewish daily Forward in the USA, 12 December 2018:

Arch-conservative pundit Ann Coulter is fingering Jews as a key part of a liberal “hate white men” coalition that she claims runs the Democratic Party.

The right-wing talking head posited that Jews and other Democratic voting blocs like LGBT people and black women actually despise one another — but unite around an implicit shared hatred for white men.

“I mean, you have the Muslims and the Jews and the various exotic sexual groups and the black church ladies with the college queers. The only thing that keeps the Democratic base together is for them to keeping focusing on, ‘No, white men are the ones keeping you down. You must hate white men.’” she said on Laura Ingraham’s show [on Rupert Murdoch‘s Fox News]. “It’s the one thing they have in common.” …

Coulter herself frequently complains about Jews and holds white-nationalist views.

11 thoughts on “American conservative Ann Coulter’s anti-Semitism

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  9. Hate communities shared posts about what users called the under-reporting of “Jewish privilege” by mainstream media, according to ISD’s analysis of the week ending Oct. 14.

    At the root of the chatter was a tweet by Ann Coulter, the conservative pundit, who asked why “Jewish privilege” is a smear, while white privilege is apparently not.

    Coulter’s question was discussed by the anti-immigration website VDARE and Canadian far-right commentator Faith Goldy.


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