16 thoughts on “British taxpayers’ money for Conservative ‘Labour=Russia’ lies

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  2. The Daily Record also points out that, along with the attacks on Corbyn, the Integrity Initiative has also been accused of ‘supporting Ukrainian politicians who oppose Putin – even when they also have suspected far-right links.’ As to who runs the Institute for Statecraft, according to the leaked documents it was set up and staffed by ex-military intelligence specialists.

    According to the Record its senior manager, Chris Donnelly, is a reserve officer in the British Army Intelligence Corps, while it suggests that another senior operative was an SAS soldier attached to a regiment running spy cells in Russia. The spokesman for the Institute, Stephen Dalzeil, confirmed that its founders had military backgrounds but claimed that he didn’t know their official Twitter account had been used to peddle re-tweeted anti-Corbyn propaganda saying: ‘If it was criticism of one of our politicians, then that shouldn’t be on there.’

    The Tories were equally ‘shocked’ to discover that they had been spending public money to fund an openly anti-Corbyn campaign of lies and slander, and immediately announced an inquiry into how this could happen – once the entire scandal became public.

    None of this is new. Corbyn has been accused of amongst other things of being a spy for Czech intelligence, then a secret anti-Semite and now a willing tool for the Russians. …

    What they are terrified of is the millions of workers and youth who propelled Corbyn first to the leadership and then in the last election to Labour smashing the Tory majority in Parliament.



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