Pigs abused in the Netherlands

This is a Dutch video by Animal Rights in the Netherlands and Belgium, about pigs abused in Dutch agribusiness.

Translated from Animal Rights in the Netherlands, 7 December 2018:

An Animal Rights employee worked this spring undercover in the heart of the pig industry in Gelderland and Noord-Brabant provinces. On the undercover images you can see how sick and wounded piglets are left to their fate, or scream during injections and the cutting off their tails without anesthesia. According to campaign manager Erwin Vermeulen, that is common practice in pig breeding: “The piglets and their mothers live above their own excrement on a concrete grid floor in bare, often dirty pens. It is a miserable and animal-destroying existence.”

Undercover in Lunteren and Nuenen

The undercover employee applied for a job in pig breeding without any work experience. He could immediately start working at pig farms in Lunteren and Nuenen. There he had to earmark piglets in the farrowing building, cut tails, give antibiotics and vaccinations and grind the teeth of newborn piglets. He saw how employees treat the piglets roughly and throw them back on the concrete floor.

Vermeulen: “The cutting of the tails and the grinding of the teeth are standard practices that are usually prohibited by law. The piglets scream at these painful actions while the mother pigs caught between the steel rods watch helplessly. “…

Piglet with its skin off

Undercover employee ‘Tom’ was deeply touched by a bleeding little pig with the skin of its back gone which stumbled around the next day with the same injury. …

Plowing out piglets

The images also show how literally the piglets’ manure from is squeezed out for a sample and how sows walk around with deformations, outgrown hooves, tumor-like deformities and ugly wounds.

Translated from Dutch NOS TV today:

The images of Animal Rights also show that piglets are thrown into crates and that a child helping in the barn kicks pigs.

An extensive report, in Dutch, is here.

New research led by Oxford University and Queen Mary University of London has resolved a pig paradox. Archaeological evidence has shown that pigs were domesticated in the Near East and as such, modern pigs should resemble Near Eastern wild boar. They do not. Instead, the genetic signatures of modern European domestic pigs resemble European wild boar. Published in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, the study shows how this has happened. Working with more than 100 collaborators, researchers from Oxford’s School of Archaeology sequenced DNA signatures from more than 2,000 ancient pigs including genomes from 63 archaeological pigs collected across the Near East and Europe over the last 10,000 years: here.

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