‘Yellow vests’ protest in Iraq

Yellow vests protest in Iraq, photo by Hollandse Hoogte / AP

Translated from Dutch NOS TV today:

The striking yellow vests now also appear in Iraq. In the largest city in the south of the country, Basra, about 100 Iraqis protested on Tuesday for better basic services.

“It is smart that the activists jump on the yellow vest bandwagon”, says correspondent Marcel van der Steen. The vests have become the symbol of protests against the increase in fuel prices in France. “The protests in Iraq have been going on for months, but the vests ensure that these people now get more attention for their problems.”

The protesters gathered in front of a government building in the city, where they shouted slogans and set tires on fire. In the south of Iraq, water and electricity are only sporadically available and unemployment is high.

Since the elections in May this year, no new government has been formed in Iraq. According to Van der Steen, this means that so far little has happened to improve the living conditions in the area. “Because of the attention paid to the yellow vests, the pressure on the caretaker government is increasing”, says Van der Steen.

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