Seals freed after reconvalescence

This video, recorded on 19 November 2018 on Texel island in the Netherlands, shows four common seals freed after reconvalescence at Ecomare museum.

They are Dick, Free, Lucky and Semmy.

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From CIA-supported violent dictators to the Tijuana refugees

This 2 December 2018 video from the USA says about itself:

A Brief History of U.S. Dirty Wars in Central America That Set the Stage for the Refugee Crisis

The world watched in horror as U.S. Border Patrol agents opened fire with tear gas on a group of refugees seeking asylum in the United States. Among the targets of this assault by U.S. forces were women and children, many of whom fled Honduras.

Across the news media, these refugees are simply referred to as “migrants”, or “the caravan.” Rarely do we get any context of why they are risking their lives and the lives of their children to flee Honduras.

And part of why we don’t hear the context is because to really tell this story, you need to talk about the U.S. dirty wars in Central America in the 1980s, the impact of neoliberal economic policies, and the catastrophe of climate change caused by the U.S. and other major world powers.

You need to know history. And if you know this history, particularly in Honduras, then you know that what we are seeing now is a situation where the U.S. set a house on fire and as the flames have raged, the U.S. is standing against the people trying to flee the fire that Washington set to their home.

Beetle larvae survive dry summer

This September 2018 video is about the hot dry summer in the Netherlands. Quite some larvae of cockchafer beetles and garden chafer beetles, hatched from spring 2018 eggs, managed to survive the difficult circumstances.

The video is by Silvia Hellingman from the Netherlands.

Brazilian fascist Bolsonaro’s friends in NATO, Canada

This 26 November 2018 video from the USA says about itself:

Brazil‘s fascist President-elect Jair Bolsonaro exploited Evangelical Christianity to win the election. The US has spent decades supporting the religious right as a form of counterinsurgency against liberation theology. … Max Blumenthal and Ben Norton discuss with Aline Piva.

This 28 November 2018 video from the USA says about itself:

The Atlantic Council, NATO‘s unofficial think tank, held a panel after Brazil‘s election to “discuss steps Bolsonaro should now undertake to deliver on campaign promises as Brazilians hope high.” Then the US/European government-funded organization deleted the tweet whitewashing the fascist leader, and responded to Ben Norton on Twitter.

This 28 November 2018 video from the USA says about itself:

Canada’s public broadcaster CBC, which conservatives claim has a “liberal” bias, praised Brazilian fascist President Jair Bolsonaro because the far-right authoritarian will bring “new investment opportunities” and “more open markets”.

Corporate media racism in the USA

This 2 December 2018 video from the USA says about itself:

The Corporate Controlled Media FUEL America’s Racism

The corporate controlled media just can’t say enough nice things about white people. Even when they kill scores of American citizens. Ring of Fire’s Mike Papantonio and Farron Cousins discuss this issue.