Hillary Clinton sees Russians under all beds

This 27 November 2018 video from the USA says about itself:

Hillary Says Russia Controls Most Of The World

Hillary Clinton spoke at a conference for Human Rights in Oxford. Here’s What Happened .…

So, after self-styled former ‘Goldwater girl’ Ms Clinton imitated the xenophobia of Donald Trump and Steve Bannon, she now imitates Sarah Palin’s Russophobia.

After Clinton supporters smeared Ms Donna Brazile, ex-Democratic Party chair and long-time friend of Ms Clinton, as supposedly a ‘tool of Russia’ for objecting to Democratic party establishment dirty tricks against Bernie Sanders. After Establishment smears against African American rights advocates, like Black Lives Matter, as ‘tools of Russia’. After right-wing claims that Russia supposedly controlled the British Labour party. Etc.

Amid new exposures of Wall Street criminality, the White House’s mass imprisonment of immigrant children, and growing demands by US workers for decent wages, the US media was preoccupied Monday with the supposed efforts of Russian President Vladimir Putin to make people believe that life in America is not a paradise: here.

Example of what Facebook and New Knowledge call 'Russian Propaganda'

This is an example of what Facebook and [ex-secret ‘intelligence’] corporation New Knowledge call ‘Russian propaganda’.

9 thoughts on “Hillary Clinton sees Russians under all beds

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