Dutch soldier promotes nazism

This 10 November 2018 video is called Secret plot by 200 elite neo-Nazi soldiers within ‘German SAS‘.

The Netherlands is not Germany. But still …

Translated from Dutch (right wing) daily De Telegraaf today:

Student (19) glorifies Third Reich and NSB

The NSB was the Dutch nazi party in the 1930s-1940s.

Soldier in training runs Nazi app group

By Olof van Joolen

Enschede – A trainee soldier has been moderating a national socialist WhatsApp group for two years. In this group, Hitler, the Nazis and the NSB were glorified. The Defense Department confirms the case.

Some texts in the nazi WhatsAp group

An app group member claims his grandfather used to be a Dutch nazi party member.

It is a 19-year-old man from Enschede, who follows the Security and Craftsmanship training. In his home town, the ROC Twente offers this training to become a soldier. …

He managed an app group that was also visible to non-guests with the name N.S.B. The name stood between SS signs and swastikas. The Dutch National Socialist Movement logo was the group image.


The members, who predominantly operated under nicknames, praised national socialist books, praised Adolf Hitler and expressed delight that the fascist ideology was given new opportunities. ‘In Poland it’s going to pretty well …’, reports participant ‘DiyNuke’. To which “Robster” replies: “Once the baby boom generation will be dead, there will be another chance.” A list of the full names of the participants is in the possession of this newspaper.

The initiator and administrator of the app was not lazy. He became furious when a member turned out to be of Turkish origin. “Turks do not belong to the human category!” he said. Then he expelled the accused person from the app.

A member is expelled for being of Turkish ancestry

The soldier-group moderator claims that Turks are supposedly not human.

Under a digital flyer of the Meet the Armed Forces event (September 15th) that he posted, group member Jeremy said: “I will be present. Obersturmführer.”

When confronted with his app group, the man called it ‘a normal place for discussion’. Everyone is welcome according to him. He denied, when asked, to be a soldier. A photo of himself with another person in military uniform that he uses on WhatsApp as a profile photo he dismisses as ‘made during carnival’.

The Ministry of Defense confirms that the man does indeed follow the Security and Sport training. A spokesperson does not want to say whether he was challenged because of his behaviour or perhaps even expelled from school. The Defense organization does not agree to respond to the case because investigation is still being done. …

The app group still exists, but no longer has members. It seems that they have moved to a group at the chat site Discord. A chat club has become active there, which is remarkably similar to the N.S.B. app.

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