New insect species discoveries in Dutch Limburg

Menozziola phorid fly, newly discovered in Dutch Limburg

In the Sint-Pietersberg mountain in Maastricht in Limburg province in the Netherlands there used to be a quarry. Many mosasaurs and other animals from the age of dinosaurs have been found there.

Now, much smaller, still living, animals have been discovered.

Translated from Dutch NOS TV today:

Phorid flies, Limoniinae crane flies, lance flies …. In the ENCI quarry at Sint-Pietersberg, 30 insect species were found that were not yet known in the Netherlands. Two appear to be completely new to science, a dance fly and a fungus gnat, researcher Paul Beuk announced in Vroege Vogels on NPO Radio 1.

The Natural History Museum in Maastricht placed an insect trap half a year ago on a slope of the Sint-Pietersberg. It was excavated for centuries to get marl, but since that stopped in July this year, it became a nature reserve.

According to Beuk, the trap produced more animals than expected: he has already identified more than 200 species. Beuk thinks that the great diversity comes from the different biotopes in the area and the favorable approach path on the slope.

Limoniinae crane fly, newly discovered in Dutch Limburg

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