Trump’s Attorney General Sessions’ final pro-police brutality move

This 17 November 2018 video from the USA says about itself:

Mueller Panic Overshadows Jeff Sessions’ Final Attack on Police Oversight, People of Color

Amid concern over what Jeff Sessions‘ ouster could mean for the Mueller probe, there is very little outcry over Sessions‘ last-minute move to gut federal oversight of police forces accused of abuses. We speak to ProPublica’s Ian MacDougall and veteran Baltimore attorney Billy Murphy. “This emboldens police brutality“, Murphy warns.

BUSH ATTORNEY GENERAL EYED TO LEAD JUSTICE DEPARTMENT Former Attorney General William “Bill” Barr, who served as the nation’s top law enforcement official under George H.W. Bush, is likely to be nominated by Trump as the new attorney general. Barr has previously supported Trump’s call to investigate 2016 rival Hillary Clinton. [HuffPost]

41 thoughts on “Trump’s Attorney General Sessions’ final pro-police brutality move

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    • its madness how do you take over sight from the police department in todays world that could be dangerous i knew that when these families was getting money for murdering black people that would stop and its about to stop with out over site


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  9. Dyma Loving, a Black mother of three assaulted by a Miami-Dade police officer, still hasn’t seen the justice she deserves.

    On March 5, Loving called the Miami-Dade Police Department for protection when her neighbor, a white man, yelled racist and sexist slurs and pointed his rifle at her. Instead of helping Loving, one of the responding officers, Officer Alejandro Giraldo, attacked her, threw her to the ground, and threatened to put her in a mental hospital.1

    Officer Giraldo should be fired, but the Miami-Dade Police Department has been pretty quiet about the incident. It’s up to us to make sure they can’t just ignore this assault–and one way we can keep this story front and center is by generating hundreds of tweets at the department. Can you make sure they are forced to do the right thing by flooding their Twitter mentions with messages of solidarity with Loving and demands to fire Officer Giraldo?

    Here are a few sample tweets you can use:

    .@MiamiDadePD Officer Alejandro Giraldo assaulted #DymaLoving, a mother of 3, after she reported a neighbor who threatened her. Giraldo must be fired. As a feminist, I’m fighting for Black women who are hurt by police. Add your name:

    Officer Alejandro Giraldo assaulted #DymaLoving and threatened to put her in a mental hospital because she was distraught after her neighbor threatened her with a gun. Do you call that serving and protecting, @MiamiDadePD?

    It’s way past time for the @MiamiDadePD to FIRE Officer Giraldo. Someone who assaults a citizen for calling for protection has no place in law enforcement. #DymaLoving

    I demand the Miami Dade Police Department fire Officer Giraldo for violently attacking #DymaLoving after she called in need of protection from her neighbor. @MiamiDadePD, are you ready to get this abuser off your police force?

    The Miami-Dade Police Department pays close attention to their Twitter account, regularly posting about traffic stops, the crimestopper hotline, and the juvenile curfew. Directing hundreds or even thousands of tweets at this account, demanding justice for Loving, is sure to get the department’s attention, and the local media’s as well.

    We cannot let them sweep this violence under the rug both for the sake of Dyma Loving and for every Black woman who has experienced police violence. While police violence against Black men has often gotten more coverage, Black women also experience police brutality–and it can be deadly as in the cases of Rekia Boyd, Sandra Bland, Mya Hall, and more.2,3

    Officers like Giraldo, who show open contempt for Black women, are a danger to the public and can’t be trusted to serve or protect. Right now, Miami-Dade police are paying attention to the public’s reaction to this story–if UltraViolet members like you go to Twitter to express your outrage and concern, we can keep the national spotlight on their department and make sure they act.

    Thank you for speaking out for Black women.

    — Shaunna, Kat, Karin, Holly, Kathy, Susan, Anathea, Audine, Emma, Pilar, Natalie, Melody, Pam, Lindsay, Ryan, Sonja, and Noma, the UltraViolet team


    1. ‘My Trust is Completely Broken,’: Dyma Loving, Brutally Arrested After Calling for Help, Speaks Out, The Root, March 15, 2019

    2. Say Her Name: Recognizing Police Brutality Against Black Women, ACLU, June 14, 2018

    3. Police violence affects women of color just as much as men. Why don’t we hear about it?, Washington Post, March 27, 2018


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