German extreme right financial scandal

This 12 November 2018 video by conservative German daily Die Welt says about itself (translated):

FELLOW PARTY MEMBERS DEMAND RESIGNATION: For Alice Weidel it could be problematic

The donation scandal involving money from a pharmaceutical company in Switzerland could cost Alice Weidel her job in the AfD. Weidel had already known about the payments in 2017, but did not arrange for repayment until this year.

Translated from Dutch NOS TV today:

Investigation of AfD leader Weidel about illegal campaign donations

The German judiciary is going to investigate AfD parliamentary faction leader Alice Weidel. She is suspected of accepting illegal campaign donations. To make the investigation possible, her parliamentary immunity must be lifted.

Last summer, a local AfD office received 130,000 euros from an anonymous party in Switzerland. According to German law, party donations from outside the European Union are only permitted if the donor is an EU citizen.

Swiss media report that the donation came from a Swiss corporation. German media say that Weidel used part of the money for advertisements on social media and to sue journalists in the campaign period.

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