Don’t kill wigeons, court decides

This is an Eurasian wigeon video.

Translated from Dutch NOS TV today:

Wigeons in South Holland province are not allowed to be shot

For the time being, wigeons in South Holland can not be shot, the court in The Hague has decided. The province of South Holland wanted to allow hunting of wigeons because of the damage the birds supposedly cause to agriculture.

BirdLife in the Netherlands and the Nature and Environmental Federation of South Holland (NMZH) appealed against this, supported by 10,000 protest emails by citizens. Wigeons are small ducks who come to the Netherlands to overwinter.

Influence on birds

According to the court, there is no clear insight into the influence of the shooting on the level of conservation of wigeons. Therefore, shooting the birds is illegal for the time being.

The NMZH is pleased with the ruling. According to the organization, the number of wigeons has been decreasing over the past decades.

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