Trump, Macron agree on more European taxpayers’ money for NATO

Macron and Trump, cartoon

Translated from Dutch NOS TV today:

After as clash, Trump and Macron agree about bigger European contribution to NATO

United States President Trump and his French counterpart Macron agree that Europe should contribute proportionally more to the NATO budget. That is what the two leaders said at Trump’s arrival at the Élysée Palace in Paris.

Trump is in France for the big, two-day commemoration of the First World War. This weekend is exactly one hundred years ago that the Great War ended.

Prior to the visit, the heads of state seemed to be heading for a clash. Macron said in an interview that Europe must protect itself against China, Russia and also the United States. On Twitter, Trump called that suggestion “very insulting.”

The Élysée called the collision today “a misunderstanding”. …

Probably, the Trump-Macron reconciliation was helped by Macron’s recent praise for French fascist dictator Pétain. Trump likes fascists like Mussolini, Charlottesville violent rioters, ‘Britain First‘ and French Marine Le Pen. The two favourite politicians of United States neo-nazi site The Daily Stormer are Adolf Hitler and Donald Trump.

Trump and Macron have an ambivalent relationship. …

This year the relationship flourished, when Macron became the first foreign leader to make a state visit to Trump.

Bitter US-European tensions mark centenary of World War I armistice in Paris: here.

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