Saudi regime murders another critical journalist

This 8 November 2018 video says about itself:

Saudis Torture & Kill ANOTHER Journalist

A number of reports have emerged that Saudi writer Turki bin Abdul Aziz al-Jasser was arrested and tortured to death for taking to Twitter to criticize Saudi human rights violations and urge a withdrawal from Yemen. And establishment media in the US has remained completely silent.

Contrary to this daily in Switzerland: here. And contrary to this Romanian site.

And contrary to some establishment media in Britain: the Daily Express headlined on 8 November 2018:

Saudi Arabia MURDER: Fears a SECOND journalist brutally killed after Khashoggi torture

SAUDI ARABIA has allegedly killed another dissident Saudi journalist critical of the nation’s human rights abuses, only weeks after the brutal murder of Jamal Khashoggi

The Daily Mail in Britain headlined, 7 November 2018:

Journalist in Saudi Arabia ‘is killed during torture while in custody of the regime’ after he was accused of exposing violations committed by the royal family

Turki Bin Abdul Aziz Al-Jasser said to have been murdered in jail in Saudi Arabia

And the Daily Mirror in Britain headlined on 8 November 2018:

Journalist ‘tortured to death’ in Saudi Arabia days after Jamal Khashoggi murder

Turki Bin Abdul Aziz Al-Jasser was allegedly killed in the country for running a Twitter account that exposed human rights abuses

From British daily Metro, 9 November 2018:

Twitter ‘gave Saudi Arabia information about journalist who ended up dead’

By Lucy Middleton

Twitter has come under fire after another dissident journalist was reportedly tortured and killed in Saudi Arabia. Turki Bin Abdul Aziz Al-Jasser was arrested on March 15 for allegedly running a Twitter account called Kashkool, which exposed human rights violations by Saudi authorities and royals. He then died while being tortured in detention, The New Khaleej states – prompting fresh outrage over an alleged leak of information that lead to his capture.

‘They got his information from the Twitter office in Dubai. That is how he was arrested’, a source, who wishes to remain anonymous, told ‘Twitter has become insecure for dissidents or critics. Everyone speaks under threat and pressure.

‘The accounts of Saudi dissidents are spied on. We are not safe using Twitter.’ The source also claimed that Saud al-Qahtani, the former adviser to the Royal Court, leads a ‘cyber spy ring’ and has contacts inside the Dubai Twitter office. They allege that a so-called ‘Twitter mole’ handed over information on Al-Jasser, leading to his arrest earlier this year.

They’re not the only one. After news of Al-Jasser’s alleged death broke, many people began using the hashtag #TwitterKilledTurkiAlJasser in an attempt to call out the platform for being ‘unsafe’. ‘We want justice for activists who arrested because of Twitter’, one person tweeted.

Another said: ‘Twitter [is] not safe any more’, while a third wrote: ‘Twitter must revise its privacy policy. Literally, lives are at stake here.’ Al-Qahtani, who was dismissed from his role over journalist Jamal Khashoggi’s death, alluded to the ‘three methods’ officials use to unmask activists on social media last year. In a tweet from 2017, he warned that fake names could not protect dissidents.

‘Does your nickname protect you from the #blacklist?’ Al-Qahtani wrote online. ‘No. 1. States have a way of knowing the owner of the name. 2 – IP can be identified in many technical ways. 3- The secret I’m not going to say.’

The source said his tweet is ‘considered to be an intended threat’.

Al-Jasser’s alleged killing comes just one month after Washington Post journalist Khashoggi was murdered inside the Saudi consulate in Istanbul.

NYT: SAUDIS FLOATED POLITICAL ASSASSINATIONS A YEAR AGO Top Saudi intelligence officials close to Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman asked a small group of businessmen last year about using private companies to assassinate Iranian enemies of the kingdom. [New York Times]

Saudi authorities arrested prominent comedian, Abdulaziz Alhajmi, for showing “solidarity with prisoners of conscience in Saudi prisons”, human rights groups reported: here.

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