Birds and jellyfish of Rügen island

This 9 October 2016 video on a flock of starlings is called Hitchcock on Rügen.

12 October 2018, the day after 11 October, was our last full day on Rügen island in Germany.

In the morning we went to a wetland in the east of the island. As the 2018 summer had been dry in Germany, like in other countries, the land was not as wet as usual; probably meaning less water birds than usually.

There was a grey heron. A hooded crow. A great black-backed gull.

Mallard ducks. Four starlings.

Scores of grey lag geese.

Sea thrift flowers.

I arrived at Klein Zicker village.

Shaggy ink cap mushrooms.

In the afternoon, we went to the harbour of Sassnitz.

A decommissioned British submarine, HMS Otus, is now a museum in the harbour.

Jellyfish, 12 October 2018

Many jellyfish swimming.

Mute swans swimming as well.

Black-headed gull, 12 October 2018

Like this black-headed gull in winter plumage.

Great cormorants, 12 October 2018

Great cormorants, like these ones, sometimes had to rest from swimming and diving, as, unlike other water birds, they have to dry their wings.

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