Turkish journalist deported from Germany for criticizing Erdogan regime

Turkish journalist Yigit expelled from Merkel-Erdogan press conference, EPA photo

Translated from Dutch NOS TV today:

Critical Turkish columnist is expelled after 36 years in Germany

A critical Turkish columnist must leave Germany after 36 years. The man, Ertugrul Adil Yigit, says that the expulsion is the result of his protest at a press conference by German Chancellor Merkel and Turkish President Erdogan in September in Berlin.

Yigit is known for his critical approach to President Erdogan. He wore a T-shirt during the press conference with the text ‘Freedom for all journalists in Turkey.’ The action led to unrest and Yigit was dragged out of the room by security.

Problems with residence permit

Yigit says he has lived in Germany for 36 years. His residence permit has been extended several times, but last year there were problems with the extension. According to the columnist, the head of the immigration service in Hamburg promised him that these problems would be resolved. This weekend he has been told that he has until 22 January to leave Germany.

The German authorities say that Yigit is being deported because he has no paid job and because his children no longer live with him. The columnist himself is convinced that the decision has to do with his protest action. He is considering legal action.

A COURT in Turkey has sentenced a journalist working for Syria’s official news agency, SANA, to more than four years in prison for allegedly insulting President Recep Tayyip Erdogan but indeed exposing the Ankara government’s support for foreign-sponsored Takfiri terrorists operating inside Syria: here.

4 thoughts on “Turkish journalist deported from Germany for criticizing Erdogan regime

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  2. Activists interrupt Rheinmetall meeting in Berlin

    Rheinmetall produces the tanks, which have been used in the war against Afrin.

    German armaments group Rheinmetall, the largest weapons manufacturer in Germany who modernized the Turkish state’s tanks and produces arms for several countries from Kurdistan to Yemen, from Mexico to African countries, is holding its annual shareholders meeting in Berlin.

    Responding to the call of Interventionistische Linke (Interventionist Left), over 50 activists have staged civil disobedience action at the central meeting which brings together the stakeholders of the arms industry. The activists chanted: “German tanks out of Kurdistan! Rheinmetall earns through Turkish attacks on Rojava. Stop weapon exports to Turkey!” The activists were forcibly taken out by the security staff and police forces and some of them were subject to violence.

    Outside Hotel Maritim where the meeting is taking place, a large crowd of people protested against Rheinmetall. The demonstrators were attacked by the police and detained.

    The protests caused one-hour delay in the critical meeting of the Rheinmetall authorities with their shareholders.

    Rheinmetall, the focus of Germany’s anti-armament movement, has been manufacturing tanks in a joint venture with the Erdogan regime, with approval from the Federal German Government. Erdogan himself received executives from Rheinmetall in his palace, and the Turkish army’s tanks had been modernized by Rheinmetall before the invasion of Afrin. The company’s Leopard 2 tanks had been used in many crimes, trampling international law.

    Source: ANF BERLIN 29-05-2019


  3. Kurdish teenager killed by German police to be remembered

    Kurdish teenager Halim Dener, who was killed by German police in Hannover with a shot on his back on June 30, 1994, will be remembered with mass demonstrations.

    Halim Dener was 16 when he was shot in the back by special operations police officer Klaus T. as he was putting up posters for the ERNK on June 30, 1994. The German state and the state of Lower Saxony in particular, known for their harsh policies against Kurds, have been working hard to erase Halim Dener’s name for the last 25 years while Kurds in the state and their allies are fighting to keep the name alive.

    A 25th anniversary memorial will be held in Steintor square where Dener was shot to death. At 21:00, when the German officer shot Dener 25 years ago, Kurdistanis and allies will show that they haven’t forgotten the Kurdish teenager who fell victim to the prohibition mindset of the German state.

    The next event will be held on Saturday July 6 at 14:00 in Hannover again, in the Ernst-August Platz. The demonstration will remember Dener and condemn the German state’s criminalization policies against Kurds. Kurdistanis and allies from other cities in Germany are expected to go to Hannover for this demonstration.

    The memorial events this year are held under the title, “Halim Dener was tortured, he ran, was banned and was shot in Hannover”.

    Source: ANF HANNOVER 29-06-2019


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