No Belgian taxpayers’ money for F-35 warplanes, protest tomorrow

This video says about itself:

Belgium: Anti-war activists rally against government purchase of F35 fighter jets

24 April 2016

An estimated 1,500 anti-war activists marched through Brussels, Sunday, to protest against the purchase of new F35 fighter jets by the Belgian government.

Protesters walked through the city carrying banners condemning war with messages including: “Invest in peace not war.” The protesters marched past the French, Swiss and US embassies before rallying in front of the Ministry of Defence.

Translated from Belgian peace movement intal today:

Dear friends,

You obviously know: the government plans this week to announce its choice for the F35 [very expensive warplanes, also known as JSF] to replace the F16 warplanes.

To respond, and to continue to oppose this manipulated procedure, we invite you to a meeting at the time of the Council of Ministers. Arrive tomorrow at 8.30 am at the fountain in the Warandepark [in Brussels], on the side of the Royal Palace. … The decision will ultimately be made here (for information, the Lockheed Martin [F-35 producers] offer will expire on Monday 29 October).

Thanks and see you tomorrow?!

team intal

Japan is preparing an order for 100 U.S.-designed F-35 stealth fighter jets in a deal that could potentially upend the balance of power in Asia.

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