Stop Shell propaganda in museums

Anti-Shell demonstrator in Manchester, England

By Peter Lazenby in England:

Friday, October 19, 2018

Campaigners gatecrash science exhibition sponsored by Shell

ENVIRONMENTAL campaigners dressed up as Shell representatives gatecrashed an exhibition in Manchester that the oil giant is sponsoring.

The protest at Manchester Science and Industry Museum on Wednesday night saw activists from the Shell Out! group target its new exhibition, Electricity: the Spark of Life.

Shell Out! says the oil giant is a major contributor to the world’s looming climate crisis through its massive extraction of fossil fuels.

Laura Williams from Carbon Co-op, a founding member of the Shell Out! collective, said: “Last week’s announcement by the international scientific authority on climate change made it clear that unless we take drastic and urgent action to reduce our carbon emissions we will see frightening changes to the way that we live.

“The museum has a responsibility to show the public Shell’s true colours, instead of allowing the company to be seen as a legitimate provider of future energy.”

Manchester science festival partners withdraw over Shell sponsorship. Science and industry museum accused of hypocrisy for taking money from oil company: here.

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