Four years jail for police racism whistleblowing

This 14 April 2018 video from the USA says about itself:

How the FBI uses the Freedom of Information Act to track down whistleblowers

The FBI used a Freedom of Information Act request to track down a news organization’s source. Late last month, the FBI arrested Terry James Albury, a longtime agent in its Minneapolis field office.

Translated from Dutch NOS TV today:

A former FBI agent has been sentenced to 4 years imprisonment for leaking confidential documents to the press. During the trial he said that he wanted to focus attention on racism in the police service, but according to the court, that is no excuse.

39-year-old Terry James Albury leaked more than seventy documents to the press. Fifty of them were confidential. Eg, to a news site he gave a document describing how the FBI judges secret informants.

Ethnic profiling

According to his lawyers, the black man was acting according to his conscience because he felt that the FBI had profiled ethnically in the fight against terrorism. The lawyers therefore wanted him to get a suspended sentence only. …

[Albury:] “I wanted to do the right thing and never had the intention to endanger anyone.” …

National security

The judge believes that Albury had no bad intentions. “But that is no reason to commit a crime, you knew that you committed an offense and jeopardized national security”, she said in her statement.

The Trump government is cracking down on leaking sensitive information to the press. Last year, the Attorney General, Jeff Sessions, said that now there were three times as many investigations into this crime as when Obama was president.

VIRGINIA COP PART OF WHITE NATIONALIST GROUP A Virginia police officer has been connected to white nationalist group Identity Evropa, joining a growing list of public employees who have been identified in a gargantuan leak of the group’s chat logs. [HuffPost]

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