Redstarts and great cormorants of Rügen island

This December 2014 drone video from the air is about the harbour of Lohme village on Rügen island in Germany.

After we had arrived in Lohme on 7 October 2018, we woke up there on 8 October for our first full day on the island.

Lohme, 8 October 2018

We went to the coast near Lohme, where we saw these rocks, with two mute swans.

White wagtail, 8 October 2018

On one rock, this young white wagtail.

Female redstart, 8 October 2018

This photo shows a female redstart. Her eye-ring shows she is a common redstart, not the related species black redstart.

There were two female redstarts on the jetty. Probably, in their autumn migration to Africa these two birds had just crossed the Baltic sea from Sweden. As soon as they reached Rügen, there was at least a meal for them: plenty of flies on the jetty.

Great cormorants, 8 October 2018

Many great cormorants on another jetty.

Gulls, 8 October 2018

Another jetty, closer to the ships of the harbour. Many gulls, mainly herring gulls, but also great black-backed gulls. And two grey herons.

Herring gulls, 8 October 2018

In the afternoon we walked to Cape Arkona, almost the northernmost point of Rügen.

We passed a nature reserve with a sign depicting a long-eared owl (originally designed in the then German Democratic Republic).

House sparrow, 8 October 2018

Sea buckthorn and other berries attracted this female house sparrow.

Other birds: blackbird, and a robin on a bench.

On one of the lighthouses, many house martin nests. Their builders had departed for wintering in Africa. Now, house sparrows went in, to spend the cold nights.

Male house sparrow, 8 October 2018

Like this male house sparrow.

Stay tuned!

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